KYC6 Monitor API 3.0

Table of contents

Page Size and Pagination

When using the API to fetch large lists such as the monitor records and monitor matches it is necessary to return the results in batches. By default, the API will return an unspecified number of records for performance reasons of the database but it is possible to specify the number of records you want in a page by providing the “pageSize” parameter as shown below where the page size is set to 1:

curl --silent --location --request GET '' \
--header 'x-api-key: xxx'

In the response you will only get a maximum number of records you specified. If there are more records available, there will be an additional parameter returned called “nextToken” as show in the response below:

    "nextToken": "eyJnc2kxaGFzaCI6Ik1SLUJlblp3YWhsZW4tV0wtMS1pbmRpdmlkdWFsIiwicGFydGl0aW9uS2V5IjoiTVItQmVuWndhaGxlbi1XTC0xLU1SLTEiLCJnc2kxc29ydCI6Ik9wZW4tMjAyMS0xMi0xNFQxMzo0MjowMC41MTFaIiwic29ydEtleSI6Ik1SLU1SLTEifQ==",
    "monitorRecords": [
            "id": "MR-1",
            "name": "donald trump",
            "countries": [
            "gender": "male",
            "openCount": 2,
            "falsePositiveCount": 0,
            "truePositiveCount": 1,
            "createdDateTimeISO": "2021-12-13T15:49:36.150Z",
            "lastUpdatedDateTimeISO": "2021-12-13T15:49:59.198Z"
    "monitorRecordsCount": 1,
    "openMonitorRecordsCount": 1,
    "openMatchesCount": 2,
    "falsePositiveMatchesCount": 0,
    "truePositiveMatchesCount": 1

In order to retrieve the next page, the nextToken can be provided as in this example:

curl --silent --location \
--request GET '' \
--header 'x-api-key: xxx'