XTP Central Limits Approve, control and monitor limits on multiple trading platforms

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A complete solution for limits management across markets and exchanges

XTP Central Limits provides everything you need to manage your limit settings.

You can configure platform-specific pre-trade limits. You can reconcile limits. You can audit, manage, and confirm changes. And you get comprehensive visibility and reporting, including pending approval requests and reconciliation outcomes.

Everything you need in one central system

The XTP Central Limits solution is trading-platform agnostic. You can manage all your limits approval workflows in one central system with a web UI and REST APIs. You can configure platform-specific pre-trade limits using an intuitive definition language. You can map data to trading platform codes, symbols, and accounts. And you can automatically update pre-trade risk on trading platforms where APIs are available.

  • Comprehensive workflows

  • Trading platform agnostic

  • Web UI and REST APIs

  • Customizable limit definitions

  • Limit reconciliation

  • Audit trails and reporting

Key features

  • Manage limits and approvals

    • Centralized limit approval with a web user interface and REST APIs.

    • Centralized limit approval with a web user interface and REST APIs.
      Trading platform agnostic.

    • Definition language for custom pre-trade limits.

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