Credit information

We protect against risk and help you grow sustainably,
through algo-driven solutions.

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Data and algo-driven solutions for financial institutions, corporates, and public administration

We turn data into strategic solutions to meet customers’ specific needs and reduce complexity. We help the productive world grow and prosper over the short, medium, and long term. Our solutions deploy cutting-edge technologies, advanced analytics and monitoring processes, and vertical skills and strategic partnerships.


  • risk-intelligence

    Risk intelligence

    Solutions to probe and monitor the risks inherent in business relationships.

  • market-intelligence

    Marketing intelligence

    Consulting strategies and solutions to achieve the highest productivity standards.

  • rating


    Credit ratings and ESG solutions to support informed business choices, investments, and financing.

  • credit-management

    Credit management

    Products and services for assessing and managing credit portfolios, on both the primary and secondary market.

  • solutions-consulting

    Solutions consulting

    Solutions to overcome innovation and transformation challenges, thanks to the support of a specialized consultant.

Our areas of expertise

Technological solutions for corporates, financial institutions, and public administration

  • Business Information

    Solutions that provide business decision data and analytics aiming at sustainable business governance focusing on credit risk assessment.

  • Credit Rating and ESG Solutions

    Assessment of the creditworthiness of Italian non-financial companies and their debt securities. Issuance of both solicited and unsolicited credit ratings, which may be used for regulatory purposes.
    Valuation of sustainability through innovative ESG solutions, in line with international best practices.

  • Real Estate

    Solutions that support activities and interactions involving real estate assets.

  • Compliance and Investigation (AML)

    Solutions to follow anti-money laundering regulations to minimize reputational risks and costs.

  • Subsidized Finance

    Consulting and solutions services to access full subsidies, government guarantees, or public-private co-financing.

  • Customer and Sales Intelligence

    Data and algo-driven solutions to gain immediate access to all the key information on millions of companies: understand the markets, search for new customers, and get recommendations about quality leads.

  • Market Intelligence

    Data and algo-driven solutions to improve knowledge of markets, customers, and competitors to enhance growth with effective and data-driven decisions.

  • Digital Marketing

    Consulting and digital services to create the perfect omnichannel strategy and campaigns.

  • Strategy

    Integrated solutions enabled by data to support transformation and achieve sustainable results over time.

  • Risk Consulting

    Development of risk models based on AI and machine learning techniques to support critical projects such as credit management, performance monitoring, and assessment of the impacts of climate change.

  • Credit Management

    Consulting solutions and management of all recovery strategies supported by our proprietary data, algorithms, and digital workflows.