XTP Front-to-Back Suite Simplify and unify your cleared derivatives business.

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Cleared derivatives trade execution and post-trade processing in one automated real-time solution

With regulation increasing and margins diminishing, cleared derivatives businesses need to reduce costs and focus on growth.
But many firms are held back by their technology. Your business can’t compete effectively by relying on complex, outdated, and inefficient infrastructures built up over time.
Our Front-to-Back solution unifies your execution and post-trade into a single, automated, real-time workflow so your business can thrive.
You get one platform that connects to all your global derivatives markets, brokers, and customers. A platform that we host and fully manage, reducing your infrastructure and support costs. And you get sophisticated order management, advanced trading tools, and comprehensive analytics, helping to ensure best execution for your customers.
Then your trades and allocations flow seamlessly downstream for fast, accurate processing in real time. By automating your workflows, you can focus on the issues that need your direct attention.

Harness the power of connected data

With data flowing through your operations, you get real-time insights into net positions, margins, risk, commissions, and more.
You can give your customers instant access to that same information, empowering you to take control of your business, and putting your customers in control of theirs.

  • Everything you need in one system

  • Seamless workflows

  • Trading anytime, anywhere

  • Critical information in real time

  • Empowerment for your customers

  • Freedom to grow your business

Key features

  • Replace your complex and disconnected systems

    • Simplify and unify your technology infrastructure with our fully hosted solution.

    • Automate your workflows so you can focus on the issues that require your direct attention.

    • Get the power of connected data flowing through your operations, delivering real-time insights into your trading activity.

    • Scale your business with our modular technology.

    cleared derivative post trade processing
  • Do everything you need in one solution

    • Connect to any market in the world 24 hours a day.

    • Manage and execute all your orders, from no-touch DMA to high-touch care, with sophisticated order management and trading tools.

    • Complete your customer, financial, and regulatory reporting with speed and accuracy.

    • Take complete control of your business with our comprehensive solution.

    post trade processing
  • Get a complete view of your business at any time

    • Track your execution performance in real time using a range of sophisticated analytics.

    • Get the most accurate, up-to-date information about your trading activity, from order submission to confirmed positions, including income, expense, and financial reporting.

    • Manage risk and exposure effectively for your clients, CCPs, and third-party clearing firms.

    • Boost your efficiency with continuous processing.

    post trade processing solutions

Learn more about ION’s front to back post trade processing solution

ION’s Front-to-Back solution unifies your execution and post-trade processing into a single, automated, real-time workflow so your business can thrive.

Enhance your solution with optional value added modules

Achieve even more with your Front-to-Back solution by adding features that meet your specific needs.

  • Risk Management

    ION’s XTP Risk solution provides a complete view of your risk across asset classes. XTP Risk lets you track your positions, P&L, and margin exposure for more than 70 exchanges in real time across your business.

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Derivatives Trading System of the Year

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Best New Product – Trade Reconciliation

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