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Enterprise treasury management software for large organizations with complex processes

Wallstreet Suite is an enterprise treasury management software for the world’s largest and most complex organizations, offering multi-entity support, real-time information across all asset classes, and advanced analytics for business decision-making and key performance measurement. When no other system can handle the complexities of your business and the demands on your treasury organization, it’s time for Wallstreet Suite.

Highly flexible and configurable treasury management system

The world’s largest treasury organizations face unmatched complexity and find it difficult to fulfill their requirements for configurability, operational scalability, and volume. The breadth and depth of Wallstreet Suite’s functionality enables all cash management, trading, funding, and investment activities to be integrated, audited, consolidated, and accounted for – automatically.

  • Real-time visibility and analytics for data-driven smart decision-making

  • Automated treasury processes that direct you to the actions required via configurable alerts

  • A robust payment hub to centralize your payment processes with end-to-end visibility linking payments workflow and treasury funding

  • Integration across your enterprise, made possible with 40+ standard integrations and modern APIs

  • Modern web-based UI and intuitive user experience – individualized layouts designed for each user’s role

  • Re-imagined back office automating tasks and increasing efficiency with an exception-based design to ensure attention is focused where required

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Key differentiators

  • Extensive trading and advanced risk management capabilities

    • Coverage across different markets and regions supporting various external trading models and facilitating internal deal mirroring and back-to-back trades.

    • Broad asset class coverage; cash, debt, investment, fixed income, money market, equities, FX, commodities, and credit.

    • Market-leading risk management capabilities to track counterparty and market risk, Value at Risk, stress-testing, counterparty exposure, and limits.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Settlement and message management

    • Out-of-the-box SWIFT-certified messages (including ISO20022), with multiple alternatives to connect to SWIFT, APIs, host-to-host, and built-in trade confirmations matching

    • Straight-through processing of trades, cash transactions, settlements, messages, and bookings, with real-time monitoring.

    • Settlement workflows, cutoff times, and  settlement netting and splitting.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Treasury analytics with real-time KPIs

    • Real-time data consolidation, easy-to-use analytics dashboards, advanced trend analysis and KPIs, and powerful report distribution.

    • Analytics that help optimize your data to make more informed business decisions.

    • An independent database allows you to query data without affecting the performance of the source system.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • 360° payments hub with high volume capabilities

    • Process millions of payments, transactions, and processes daily.

    • Efficient payment processing with high volume capacity, API-enabled payment services, sanction screening, and ERP integration.

    • Centralized hub for connectivity, message transformation, automation, batch- and single-instance processing, and status monitoring.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Open and modular architecture

    • Access to new security and functionality enhancements faster and easier.

    • Upgrade on a need-to and low-risk basis.

    • Faster implementations, frequent upgrades, and lower total cost of ownership.

    enterprise risk management sofware

ION as your treasury transformation partner

ION Treasury is one of the world’s largest providers of treasury and risk management solutions, with options designed to meet the needs of organizations with varying complexities and at different stages of technology adoption. Driven by our customer-for-life mentality, we partner with customers to deliver ongoing improvements and high-quality customer service. Our value-added solutions and services are specifically curated to help our clients sustain and increase value from ION solutions over time.

We invest for the long-term to deliver on our mission: To empower our community of treasury professionals to achieve more through digitalization and automation. The financial strength, breadth of products, and commitment to continuous innovation enable ION Treasury to deliver advanced technology that meets treasury operations’ diverse and changing needs. Together with our global community of clients, we are shaping the future of treasury and risk management technology.

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Enhance your Treasury system with optional value-added solutions

At ION Treasury, we innovate at scale. We build new tools once and roll them out to our entire product portfolio, offering cutting-edge technology to all ION Treasury customers. Our latest innovations include solutions for bank account management with bank fee analysis, money market funds, machine learning, and mobile treasury.

  • IBAM

    Web-based bank account management with bank fee analysis capabilities enabling users to maintain a centralized, accurate inventory of all bank accounts and bank documentation.

  • Machine learning

    Enhanced capabilities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fast, accurate algorithms optimize the potential of your data to deliver new insights.

  • Money market funds

    A seamless money market funds experience enabling full automation of the trade lifecycle. Real-time consolidated investment and cash reporting, and access to a rich set of money market fund data and analytics.

  • Treasury Anywhere

    Access information from your ION treasury management system anywhere using any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC.

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