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With the acceleration of the global energy transition, businesses face increasingly complex processes in today’s fast-moving power markets. Organizations encounter evolving challenges whether they only operate renewable energy production, run a combination of fossil fuels, green fuels, and renewables, or simply concentrate on renewable certificates. ION Commodities offers industry-proven, highly scalable energy trading and risk management (ETRM) and risk analytics solutions to address the changing needs of the energy industry.

Related sectors

Integrated energy

Global, asset-rich companies that often have their origins in fossil fuel production and marketing or fossil-generated electricity. As energy transition accelerates, these companies must rebuild their portfolio to include renewable power generation. Integrated energy companies also use their knowledge to drive innovation in the areas of renewable fuel generation and marketing.

Power generator

Generating power to sell at the wholesale markets. Besides traditional power generation using fossil fuels, this also includes renewable power such as hydrogeneration, wind, and solar. Power generators also trade gas, oil, or coal as raw materials for their generation.

Power marketer

Buying energy and transmission services from traditional utilities and reselling electricity to other utilities or power distributors without owning the assets used to generate electricity. By purchasing power from numerous sellers, marketers can take advantage of the price disparities of various utilities.


Ownership of power production assets and delivery of power to retail or industrial clients, or to sell on the wholesale market. Utilities regularly trade gas, oil, or coal and ship it to fuel their fossil-based power plants. Nowadays, utilities also own renewable assets, such as wind farms or solar parks.

Value delivered

  • Challenge

    Adapting your system to the evolving market
    Businesses that generate and trade power face a highly challenging environment that demands comprehensive energy trading and risk management. Challenges include market liberalization, increased use of renewables, and the need for more timely intraday position and risk reporting. New and existing regulations add extra costs and complexity in operational areas such as cross border trading, clearing, compliance reporting, and accounting for hedges.


    Centralize multiple commodities in one system
    The opportunity for improved profits lies within the business operation, by creating a single resource for all relevant data, breaking down silos within the organization, and applying and sharing expertise across the enterprise. ION’s commodity management solutions provide complete support for the energy commodities of today and the future.

  • Challenge

    Tracking certificates
    The introduction of green power certificates has brought a unique set of complexities beyond buying and selling certificates. Linking certificates to production and demand obligations, and managing inventory along the way, is necessary to reconcile the transactions in your commodity trading and risk management solution with registry data. Regional and commodity variation of certificates that require the management of validity, classifications, and IDs complicate things further.


    Full lifecycle management
    ION’s commodity management solutions help to link generated power and certificates to your renewable assets or throughout the value chain to ensure optimized certificate utilization, reliable inventory tracking, and best available position reporting.

  • Challenge

    Managing your renewable asset portfolio
    Power market traders and structurers need to model their portfolio of renewable assets and PPAs while factoring in asset-specific features, such as generation variability or curtailment. Accurate calculations of intrinsic and extrinsic values are required to construct optimal plans and hedging strategies that reduce risk.


    Optimize your assets
    ION’s FEA solution provides decision support for companies investing and contracting in renewables. FEA’s tools for renewable asset optimization and structuring analytics provide an encompassing risk and asset management solution to help improve your decision making, which can help increase profits.

  • Challenge

    Meeting the needs of a growing green fuel market
    Green fuels are evolving into a global industry with continuously changing requirements. As more guidelines are put in place, businesses must quickly adapt to remain compliant.
    New types of renewable fuels also must be integrated into existing systems. Companies that produce, transport, and trade fuels face many challenges, including growing production and transportation complexity.


    A solution ready for renewable fuels
    To simplify business operations, organizations need to break down silos and consolidate their data to yield a complete view of their portfolio and ensure regulatory compliance. ION’s commodity management solutions provide a complete front- to back-office solution for fuel handling, transport, and trading, covering both physical and financial trading and hedging.

  • Challenge

    Expanding your commodities portfolio
    Businesses covering most of the commodities portfolio face a highly challenging environment that demands comprehensive energy trading and risk management. As the traditional fossil fuel business becomes less popular, organizations need to expand their portfolio to include renewable assets, like renewable fuels and renewable power generation. These additions present new challenges for existing business.


    Manage all your commodities
    ION’s commodity management solutions provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to support your business—today and as it grows into the future. Our solutions are evolving with market trends to ensure we continue to provide industry-leading, innovative technology. We are the forefront of the energy transition and we heavily support the evolution of market standards.

Single integrated solution
Certificate markets support
Improved asset valuation
Rise of renewable fuels
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  • Allegro

    A customizable, industry-leading CTRM for utilities and energy companies.

  • FEA

    A suite of leading portfolio risk analytics and asset optimization tools for decision support.

  • Openlink

    A comprehensive, multi-commodity CTRM for industry leaders operating at scale.

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