CxC Vertically integrate all facets of the palm oil supply chain from producer to manufacturer.

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About CxC

Centralize front, middle, and back office processes for palm oil and other grain and oilseed commodities. Control operations and maintain a complete view of your portfolio. Generate reports for every level of your organization with real-time reporting tools.

Why CxC

The global agriculture industry is subject to constant change and unyielding pressure, from fluctuations in demand to weather uncertainty. Agriculture businesses must be ready to respond quickly, while still planning for the future. CxC is an integrated commodity management system designed to meet the diverse needs of palm oil and other grain and oilseed industries, so that traders can make smarter business decisions.

  • Simplify complex string settlements

  • Consolidate systems

  • Mitigate risks

  • Ease trade entry

  • Enforce checks and balances

  • Improve settlement accuracy

Key features

  • Simplify your complex supply chain

    • Manage the entire value chain in one solution, from production to inventory.

    • Capture commodity and foreign exchange contracts in the same system.

    • Automate settlement and local invoicing by managing local taxation requirements.

  • Optimize your operations

    • Monitor stock availability to minimize inventory carrying costs.

    • Analyze pre-deal parity simulation on either selling or refining.

    • Track and improve critical operational events with workflow management tools.

  • Improve decision making with robust reporting

    • Leverage risk reports for counterpart and credit exposure management.

    • Evaluate across the portfolio to optimize hedging strategies.

    • Aggregate positions to track daily profit and loss movements.

Enhance your solution with value-added modules

CxC is a purpose-built commodity management software for companies that manufacture, trade, market, transport, and store agricultural products, such as palm oil. The web-based solution has workflow management, business intelligence, connectivity, and auditing tools to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.

  • Trading

    Seamlessly manage physical, paper, futures, and options trades in a single platform. Identify circle, washout, bypass, and string opportunities. Improve decision making with pre-deal analysis functionality to simulate profit and loss.

  • Risk management

    Proactively manage risks with comprehensive limits and triggered alerts. Identify and mitigate operational, material, credit, and counterparty risks in one system. Gain visibility into positions, exposures, and profit and loss to plan hedging strategies.

  • Operations

    Gain supply and demand insights to manage operations confidently and drive growth. View current inventory and manage the logistics of tankers, trucks, barges, and ships. Generate local compliance documents, certificate of origins, vessel nominations, and shipping instructions.

Latest Commodities awards

Energy50 2022

Overall Winner

RiskTech100 2022

Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM)

Energy Risk Awards 2022

CTRM Software House of the Year

Stevie Awards 2022

Customer Service Department of the Year

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