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Everything you need for the reconciliations process in a web user interface

Reconciliations are an essential part of derivatives clearing. With trade volumes increasing and regulations getting tougher, speed and accuracy are critical.


XTP Match automates the process of reconciliation. You can work with all your asset classes and data, streamline your workflows, and set up alerts and dashboards to find and resolve data breaks at scale.

Automate and streamline your reconciliation processes

XTP Match makes it easy to create and automate reconciliation tasks with exchanges, third-party brokers and internal data sources. You can define matching criteria in an intuitive user interface. And you can easily manage rolling, linking, and four-eyes approvals.


You can use XTP Match as a standalone product or as a part of our award-winning XTP solution.

  • Automated reconciliation processes

  • Simplified matching

  • Four-eyes approval workflows

  • Four-eyes approval workflows

  • Status views, alerts, and metrics

  • Web user interface

Key features

  • Automate your reconciliations

    • Trigger reconciliations automatically when data arrives.

    • Create and reuse predefined reconciliations for exchanges, brokers and internal controls.

    • Resolve related breaks using linked workflows, and roll breaks that can’t be resolved the same day.

  • Simplify your matching

    • Perform average price matching, percentage and value-based tolerance matching, and partial matching using critical and aggregated data.

    • Work with flexible criteria and aggregation.

    • Perform override matching with audited comments for management sign-off.

  • Streamline your controls

    • Build 4-eyes approval workflows with configurable levels.

    • Approve results or send them for further review and authorization.

    • Review and comment on breaks, and attach files and emails to reconciliation results for a referenceable audit trail.

  • Transform complexity into simplicity

    • Integrate and process data from multiple sources in multiple formats.

    • Transform data easily between formats with no dependency on IT.

    • Export reconciliation results to Microsoft Excel or PDF.

  • Get a complete view of your reconciliations

    • View key reconciliations, indicators, and metrics.

    • Investigate and resolve data breaks at scale using custom alerts and dashboards.

    • Access historical reconciliation results online.

Enhance your solution with optional value added modules

Achieve even more with your XTP solution by adding features that meet your specific needs.

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