Qmastor Manage your materials from pit to port or consumption.

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About Qmastor

Automate and simplify the management of your mining value chain. Track, model, and optimize your commodity movements across sites and complex domestic, import, or export supply chains to reveal an accurate position from origination through physical trade to consumption. Streamline your processes to reduce costs, improve margins, and maximize the value of your resources.

Why Qmastor

Volatile metals prices, changing commodity demands, and other unpredictable events make tight supply chain management essential for a business’ success. Qmastor manages bulk commodity supply chains through detailed physical modeling of logistics, inventories, and applicable constraints. It equips businesses with the right material in the right place, at the right time, and at the right quality.

  • Manage inventory with confidence

  • Improve decision making

  • Lower costs

  • Deliver on time

  • Increase supply chain throughput

  • Integrate with third parties and partners

Key features

  • Gain visibility into your supply chains

    • Plan, track, and manage your contracts, inventory, production, processing, logistics, and shipping across your global supply chain.

    • Forecast and prevent problems with inventory volumes and quality.

    • Reduce your planning and scheduling cycles from days to hours.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Rely on a single source of truth

    • Provide everyone in your organization with accurate, up-to-date information.

    • Seamlessly share and exchange data with partners and third parties.

    • Access your data when you need it with web and mobile applications.

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  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency

    • Automate routine, manual processes, freeing you to manage by exception and reducing your operations, logistics, and trading costs.

    • Get more value from your resources, equipment, and materials with accurate data.

    • Sharpen your decisions and planning to reduce demurrage payments and minimize end-of-period adjustments and inventory write-downs.

    enterprise risk management sofware

Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

Qmastor is a modular solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business—today and in the future. Starting with Qmastor Core, you have the flexibility to add advanced modules as you need them. From mine origination, through production and processing, to transportation and shipping, Qmastor covers the entire mining value chain. Qmastor can also integrate with other systems and service providers, such as ports, railways, and laboratories.

  • Core

    Plan, record, track, optimize, account, reconcile, and report the tonnage, quality, and value of bulk materials from mine to point of export or consumption. Synchronize operations, logistics, marketing, and commercial functions, providing a clear and transparent view of export and domestic supply chain operations.

  • 3D stockpile management

    Track and visualize parcels of material in three-dimensional space. Dynamically model stockpile tonnages, grade, and value in near real-time to enable proactive grade management and optimize process plant configuration, blend planning, and reclamation/load planning.

  • Advanced planning and scheduling

    Model, plan, and schedule complex bulk supply chains simply and efficiently. Optimize schedules and plans for export, import, and domestic bulk commodity demand, shipping and berth scheduling, bulk terminal stockyard asset utilization, transportation scheduling, mine product stockyard, and process plant efficiency.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

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