FI Relative Value Execute relative value strategies across bonds and futures on behalf of your customers

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Stand out from the pack with your relative value execution

Executing fixed income relative value orders can be incredibly complex. When you have large volumes of orders to work for your clients, and you’re competing for the same liquidity as your rivals, it can be hard to offer a service that stands out from the pack.

Whether you’re a small or global relative value execution desk, ION’s solution for fixed income relative value trading can transform your complexity into simplicity.

Our solution has everything you need to offer your customers a high-quality service that gives you a competitive edge.

Everything you need to excel

ION FI Relative Value gives you wide liquidity coverage, plus a high-performance spread-trading tool with a range of configurable execution parameters.

  • Wide connectivity coverage

  • Spread trading made simple

  • High performance

  • Hosted solutions

  • Built on decades of FI expertise

  • Reduced costs and complexity

Key features

  • Make the most of increasingly fragmented markets

    • Connect to a range of inter-dealer brokers, liquidity aggregators, and single-venue liquidity providers.

    • Optimize your execution with access to markets providing inside prices.

    • Differentiate your service from competitors trading on the same core markets.

    Relative Value - whole UI
  • Create multi-market n-leg strategies

    • Build your house strategies, and custom ratios for your clients.

    • Trade indexes with custom weights or as yield spreads.

    • Clone existing strategies and reuse execution parameter set-ups.

    • Advanced execution strategies.

  • Sophisticated spread management & optimize your risk exposure

    • Minimize leg exposure over the strategy execution path using our high-performance spread-trading tool.

    • Tag orders against client identifiers.

    • A range of execution parameters to optimize speed of execution versus risk, reacting to market conditions.


Execute fixed income relative value orders seamlessly

Implement relative value strategies across bonds and futures for your customers with ION FI Relative Value. It’s a tool with comprehensive liquidity coverage and provides a high-performance spread-trading with various configurable execution parameters.

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A-Team Group TradingTech Insight USA Awards 2021

Best Trading Solution for Fixed Income Markets

A-Team Group TradingTech Insight Europe Awards 2021

Best Trading Solution for Fixed Income Markets

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