XTP Risk JANUS Monitor and act on risk in real-time

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A complete intraday dashboard for risk managers

From pre-trade to post-trade, XTP Risk JANUS makes it easy to monitor and act on risk in real time across multiple assets and markets.


With a strong focus on local compliance, XTP Risk JANUS provides functionality and rules that you can customize for your regulatory obligations and your firm’s internal compliance regime.

The solution for cleared derivatives businesses of all sizes – local or global

XTP Risk JANUS is a flexible real-time position keeping and risk management system, designed to be open, customizable, and connected via APIs.

You can use XTP Risk JANUS locally in a single market, or as a global, multi-market solution with multiple, interoperable instances and components fulfilling even the most complex requirements.

Whatever this size and complexity of your business, XTP Risk JANUS can support your needs.

  • Aggregated trade and order flows across back-offices, trading platforms, and clearing systems

  • User-defined risk measures

  • Smart alert management workflows and limit breaches audit trail

  • Data stored for client behavior analysis

  • Replication of margins as calculated by CCPs across 70+ exchanges globally

  • What-if analysis of portfolios and real-time P&L stress-testing

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XTP Risk JANUS is real-time risk management and position-keeping system. It is designed to be used in a single market or as a global multi-market solution to mitigate risk and simplify the complexity of your business.

Key features

  • Manage risk across assets, currencies, and markets

    • Pre-trade, At-trade and Post-trade risk management

    • Real-time global view of all risks across asset classes, markets, trading platforms

    • 80+ highly configurable risk measures to create unlimited risk monitoring templates

    • Dynamic customizable HTML5 dashboards

    • High Performance and high scalability to support the ever-growing trading volumes

  • Manage Locally or Globally

    • Monitor positions, P&L and Margins for 70+ exchanges globally.

    • Different views for different user needs.

    • Flexible aggregation models to support both local and global views.

  • Flexible risk measures in real-time

    • Advanced Risk Analytics with 80+ risk indicators (P&L, Margins, Exposures, Stress P&L, Greeks, Surveillance).

    • What-if and Stress Testing capabilities.

    • Alerts, notifications, action handlers to create smart automation workflows.

    • Electronic execution and algo monitoring to prevent markets disruption.

    • Rich APIs to integrate upstream and downstream systems in real-time.

  • Integration with the ION Markets ecosystem

    • ION Data Service for provisioning of product static and real-time market data.

    • XTP for Start Of Day positions and balances and intraday cash and collateral updates.

    • XTP Clearing and CTAC for Give-ins/Give-outs and Allocations.

    • XTP Execution – GTP for drop copy connectivity.

    • XTP Analytics for cleared OTC risk management.

Enhance your solution with optional value added modules

Achieve even more with your XTP solution by adding features that meet your specific needs.

Latest Markets awards

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Best Solution for Records Retention

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Most Innovative Trade Surveillance Solution

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Best Solution for Records Retention

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