System Integration and Application Maintenance System integration between IT systems, services, and software. Application Maintenance of proprietary and third-party solutions

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System integration services for the development, connection, and integration between IT systems, services, and software

Evolutionary maintenance of applications implemented within the bank’s systems with integrity and efficiency checks, problem solving, and updating. We serve 80 clients and have supported over 120 migrations or new clients, NPLs, and M&A transactions over the past 4 years.

Solutions that increase productivity, save cost, and simplify difficult processes

Improvement of information flows and reduction of operational costs in migration of IT systems or individual components in the event of acquisitions, mergers, sales of company branches, so on. Integrated approach between solutions and services that allows the optimization of productivity and the simplification of business processes and organizational changes.


Ability to integrate and connect different application solutions at the process level.


Time-to-market reduction, information flows improvement, and decrease in operating costs.


Improvement of change management processes, productivity optimization, and business process simplification.


Multidisciplinary team, formed by our Financial Analysts, specialists from credit institutions and universities.