Precious Metals Manage your comprehensive gold bullion business.

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Streamlining bullion trading

Simplify your complete front-to-back physical bullion trading and operations lifecycle. Manage both enterprise and retail precious metals markets on a single platform. Track your bullion with precision and manage your risk with accuracy.

Secure your precious metals management

With volatile gold and silver markets and growing security concerns, your bullion business needs an integrated, real-time solution to manage your enterprise or retail precious metals business. ION’s Precious Metals is an industry-standard bullion management system that provides seamless integration between supplier trading and retail bank operations, sophisticated inventory management from central consignment to point-of-sale, tracking sales, and sales performance. Our Precious Metals trading software helps bullion custodians and refiners manage their allocated and unallocated gold pools and account for gold standard denominations, in bar and coin form.

  • Manage physical and financial precious metals trading

  • Maintain control of stock levels

  • Centralize business processes

  • Manage loan and borrowing books

  • Visualize real-time exposure

  • Maintain a complete audit trail

Key features

  • Unify front- and back-office processes

    • Capture allocated and unallocated stocks in one system.

    • View positions and exposures for both physical and financial metal and FX trades in real-time.

    • Settle trades and generate reports in the same system as trade entry.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Manage loans and borrowings

    • Accurately track terms with different counterparties including interest rates, interest amount, and frequency of settlement.

    • Manage the sales of metal as long- and short-term loans, as well as outright sales.

    • Automate call borrowing upon delivery with inventory planning.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Simplify your complex supply chain

    • Manage stock lifecycle from imports and custom clearance to stock allocations and deliveries.

    • Maintain control of stock levels at all defined locations.

    • Ensure timely deliveries, updated stock levels, and valuation reporting across locations.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Gain collateral visibility and mitigate risks

    • Automate risk assessment for every transaction to ensure that limits and margins will not be breached.

    • Maintain client limits through real-time MTM of customer exposure and collateral management.

    • Establish net trading position limits with warning triggers for individual products and currencies.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Adhere to best practices

    • Ensure compliance by accounting for local taxations and automating regulatory reporting.

    • Reduce operational risk with workflow controls for historic reporting and discrepancy management.

    • Benefit from a secured, traceable, and auditable single source of truth.

    enterprise risk management sofware

Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

Precious Metals provides complete oversight for your gold bullion management business. This solution, which can be deployed on-premises or on the ION Cloud, has several value-added modules.

  • Web bullion portal

    Place orders with complete visibility of collaterals and credit limit management. Efficiently access account information and place orders in real time.

  • Interface to SWIFT and core banking

    Seamlessly interface with core banking, treasury, FX, and SWIFT systems, completing the bullion value chain from inception to settlement. Ensure security, verification, and authorization of financial transactions with SWIFT payments and an interface with core banking applications.

  • Retail module

    Sell coins or bars of small denominations over-the-counter through multiple retail branches and keep track of retail inventory across locations. Utilize APIs to integrate with different modes of payment.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We run our bullion management business on spreadsheets. Why do we need Precious Metals?

    When using spreadsheets to manage your business, inaccuracies can be propagated as the data moves across multiple departments. Spreadsheets lack the controls, approvals, and messaging that would help detect these errors earlier in the transaction lifecycle. Relying on spreadsheets to manage the detailed and complex nature of precious metal bullion pricing and transactions can impact data integrity and, ultimately, decision making.

    The risk of manual error is easily put to bed with Precious Metals, a single integrated solution to optimize your entire bullion management business.

  • What differentiates Precious Metals from its competitors?

    The Precious Metals solution has been running for over 15 years and is trusted by the top bullion nominated banks in India. Precious Metals offers:

    • The ability to handle consignment stock, as well as owned stock
    • In-depth and flexible workflows for trades and loans
    • Comprehensive reporting and accounting functionality
    • Integration with other systems through APIs
  • What are precious metals?

    Precious metals are rare and naturally occurring metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Precious metals were historically used as currency, but today are valued as investments or industrial raw materials.
    Because precious metals are scarce, their economic value is subject to changing economic conditions, supply chain operations, geopolitical events, and investor sentiment. The volatility of these markets stresses the importance of effective precious metals commodity management for trading, storing, and mitigating risks.

  • How can ION’s Precious Metals solution benefit my business?

    The precious metals management solution empowers your bullion trading business to efficiently track your precious metal inventory, as well as monitor limits and margins to reduce financial risks. With all your trades, counterparty terms, inventory, and supply chain data in a single solution, Precious Metals reduces your operational risk and provides accurate reports.

  • What differentiates Precious Metals from competitors?

    When it comes to precious metals management, ION’s Precious Metals has been the solution of choice by the top bullion nominated banks in India for over 15 years. Precious Metals offers:
    – The ability to handle consignment stock, as well as owned stock
    – In-depth and flexible workflows for trades and loans
    – Comprehensive reporting and accounting functionality
    – Integration with other systems through APIs

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