Foreign Exchange Automate and simplify your forex trading, risk management, and operations in one easily scalable platform.

Discover what ION can do for you

Cut through the complexity of forex trading and operations

FX trading and operations are more complex than ever. If you’re relying on manual processes and a mixture of unconnected systems and spreadsheets, you can’t adapt to changing market and regulatory demands. And you can’t offer your clients the innovative products and services they want. That means your business can’t grow.
Whatever the size of your business, our solutions automate and simplify your trading, risk management, and operations in one, easily scalable platform.

A complete solution for FX trading, trade management, risk management, and operations

Do everything you need

Do all your FX trade processing, risk management, transactions, confirmations, and payments. And comply with market standards and practices.

Streamline your systems

Replace legacy systems with our unified solutions, seamless automated workflows, and high-performance technology.

Get actionable insights

See a complete view of your business in real time, and use advanced analytics and KPIs to make your best decisions.

Reduce your costs

Choose our fully managed ION Cloud solution for quick, easy deployment and lower costs. All with the same advanced capabilities.

Who should use the ION FX solution?

  • Traders

    Fully automate your trading workflows using our integrated order management, advanced execution, and risk management platform with connectivity to over 100 liquidity providers.

  • Institutional and commercial sales desks

    Get a fully digitized platform to automate the workflows between sales and trading desks with tools for customer collaboration, analytics, price distribution, order management, and post-trade processes.

  • Operations

    Track and monitor your operations in real time with our fully automated and flexible confirmation, clearing, and payments solution.

  • Cash managers

    Monitor your cash positions and your clients’ accounts, all in real time.


  • Aphelion

    Fast, accurate rules-based foreign exchange trading, pricing, and distribution

  • TradAir

    Everything that you need for best FX trade execution in one screen.

  • Barracuda FX

    End-to-end, modular, customizable eFX trading solutions for financial institutions operating in foreign exchange markets.

  • MarketFactory Nexus

    Instantly and easily access foreign exchange trading venues.

  • MarketFactory Reflector

    Protect your foreign exchange trading business against real-time market and credit risk with cross-venue trade risk assessment.

  • MarketFactory Whisperer

    One trading API to access the entire FX market, regardless of location, workflow, protocol, instrument, or liquidity provider.

  • Wallstreet FX

    High-performance, real-time trade processing solutions for currency management.

  • Spectrum

    A complete foreign exchange solution for brokers and wealth managers, providers of international payments and FX hedging services, and treasury teams.

  • FX Operations

    Process all forex transactions, confirmations, settlements, and payments worldwide on one platform.

  • FX Trade and Risk Management

    Do all your forex trade processing and risk management across instruments and get a complete, real-time view of your business.

Product line

  • Aphelion
  • Barracuda
  • ION FX
  • MarketFactory
  • Spectrum
  • Wallstreet
  • TradAir

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