WAM Optimize supply chain operating strategies, plans, and schedules.

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Automating your supply chain management

With WAM, you can use automated optimization algorithms to generate maximum profit purchase, manufacturing, transport and inventory plans, and schedules. Increase demand forecasting accuracy using statistical forecasting models and best practice, collaborative forecasting workflows. Automate the creation of purchase, transport, and production orders to feed your CTRM and ERP systems.

Navigate supply chain complexities with ease

With today’s volatile markets and unpredictable operating conditions, businesses with complex supply chains face the challenge of predicting demand, managing inventories, and balancing supply and demand. Industry-leading companies are deploying ION’s WAM supply chain management and planning solution, integrated with their CTRM and ERP systems, to improve decision making, increase agility, and overcome operating complexity. The use of supply chain management software, such as WAM, helps businesses address supply chain issues efficiently.

  • Automate operating plans and schedules

  • Lower operating costs

  • Reduce inventory working capital requirements

  • Increase manufacturing throughput

  • Optimize purchase contract utilization

  • Increase profitability

Key features

  • Improve demand planning

    • Generate sales and demand forecasts based on an automated tournament of statistical methods.

    • Utilize collaborative workflows to enable commercial teams to shape demand plans based on market intelligence.

    • Constrain demand plans to match supply capabilities.

  • Optimize supply plans

    • Create profit optimized purchase, manufacturing, transport, and inventory plans.

    • Calculate optimum inventory and safety-stock strategies.

    • Perform what-if analyses to simulate the impacts of market perturbations and supply disruptions.

    • Optimize supply contract usage.

  • Generate automated purchase, transport, and production orders

    • Automate the creation of recommended purchase, transport, and manufacturing orders to meet market demands and feed execution systems.

    • Identify spot market buy/sell opportunities to augment merchant supply.

  • Gain global visibility to supply chain operations

    • Achieve near real-time transparency to the status and health of physical supply chain operations.

    • Receive early warnings to pending stockouts, late shipments, and inventory balances.

  • Enable robust scenario analysis

    • Compare alternate operating plans for optimal decision making.

    • Identify deviations between plans, actuals, and budgets.

Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

WAM’s enterprise supply chain optimization platform is designed to support the planning, creation and management of sales and operations plans and schedules. WAM supports operational, tactical, and strategic planning using simulation and optimization algorithms designed to forecast demand, balance supply and demand, minimize operating costs, right-size inventories, and maximize operating profit. WAM supports a broad range of planning functions, featuring a modular design for targeted deployments to support each business’ specific functional scope.

  • Demand planning

    Create sales forecasts that drive improved accuracy for various business processes, including supply/demand balancing, sales and operations planning, and production scheduling.

  • Enterprise planning

    Create supply/demand plans, purchase plans, production plans, inventory plans, transport plans, and financial plans to support supply chain optimization, and sales and operations planning. When provided with forward cost and price curves, WAM’s linear programming algorithms create financially optimized operating plans that drive improved performance and profitability.

  • Supply chain monitor

    Analyze interactions between current inventory levels, orders and trades, sales forecasts, purchases, and production schedules at the individual transaction or event level to create a visual simulation of your projected supply chain inventory positions.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you drive improved efficiency with collaborative sales forecasting?

    ION’s WAM creates highly accurate sales forecasts that drive improved efficiency in a variety of business processes, including supply/demand balancing, sales and operations planning, and production scheduling. It employs both a statistical and collaborative forecasting process that incorporates internal and customer input to create the most precise forecast possible. This results in higher customer service levels and lower inventory levels by enabling optimized production and shipping decisions based on accurate data.

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