Barracuda FX Automate and simplify your foreign exchange connectivity, trading, pricing, distribution, and order management

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Ultra-low latency FX trading solutions

Barracuda FX is a global leader in end-to-end, modular, customizable eFX trading solutions for financial institutions operating in foreign exchange markets.

The Barracuda FX connectivity and trading solutions provide low latency access to all major OTC markets and bank liquidity providers. Prices are aggregated to provide normalized views of sweepable, full amount, and RFS liquidity distributed to the trader user interface and APIs. Orders are intelligently worked by the smart order router to minimize slippage and market impact.

Advanced eFX pricing, hedging and order management

eFX pricing and distribution modules allow you to seamlessly integrate in-house proprietary logic with Barracuda FX pricing smarts.

An extensive range of intelligent pricing options give you the flexibility to create differentiated, competitive spot and forward pricing tailored to the needs of your clients, distributed across all internal and external channels, auto risk managed.

The Barracuda FX OMS won the P&L Reader’s Choice Awards for Best FX OMS for 10 conseutive years. It is deployed as the global order book in over 20 of the top 50 banks globally and supports resting, fixing, and algorithmic orders in FX and precious metals with native access to Order Hub.

  • Connectivity and trading

  • Pricing, distribution and risk

  • Order management system

  • Ultra-low latency

  • High performance

  • Modular technology

Key features

  • Connectivity and trading

    • Ultra-low latency connectivity to OTC markets.

    • Fully customizable liquidity aggregation.

    • Powerful dynamic smart order routing and execution algos.

    • Normalized API for integrating custom execution strategies.

    • Sophisticated crossing engine to create synthetic tradeable markets.

    • Real-time analytics and performance benchmarking.

  • Pricing, distribution, and risk

    • Componentized intelligent pricing engines for metals, G10, EM, and frontier markets, enabling IP injection throughout the pricing pipeline.

    • ESP, RFQ, and RFS price negotiation for spot, forward, swap, NDF, NDS, blocks, money markets, and all post-trade actions.

    • Deterministic low-latency price distribution across all internal and external distribution channels including all major multi-dealer portals.

    • Real-time position management and a rich suite of advanced rules driving hedging strategies to maximize internalization opportunities.

    • High-performance dealer and sales desktops for quote negotiation and on-behalf of dealing.

  • Order management system

    • Automated management of resting, fixing and algorithmic orders in spot, forward, NDF and precious metals.

    • Tightly integrated to the bank’s auto-risk management environment and natively connected to Order Hub

    • Distribution gateways to all major multi dealer portals, bank’s single dealer platforms and FIX API.

Latest Markets awards

GW Platt FX Tech Awards 2023

Best TMS Provider with FX Module

FX Markets e-FX Awards 2022

Best connectivity, hosting, and co-location service

TradingTech Insight USA Awards 2022

Best Managed Services Solution for Trading

GW Platt FX Tech Awards 2022

Best API Trader

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