Algosys Automate the production accounting of your mineral and metal processing plants.

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About Algosys

Collect and evaluate metallurgical data from any source, perform mass balance computations, and reconcile production data. Streamline the reporting of reconciled and accurate process KPIs to all authorized stakeholders. Our enterprise-grade production accounting solution helps you maintain compliance with international metal accounting standards.

Why Algosys

With ever-decreasing ore grades, increasing ore throughputs, and metal content variability, you need a powerful metal accounting solution that provides better KPIs to improve process efficiencies and detect material losses. Mineral processing plants around the world rely on Algosys to account and report their metal productions and stock inventories with accuracy and timeliness. 

  • Ensure compliance with AMIRA P754 

  • Organize the production accounting workflow 

  • Perform statistical data reconciliation 

  • Streamline daily and monthly balances 

  • Report from a single source of truth 

  • Unlock valuable operational insights 

Key features

  • Automate your production accounting

    • Minimize the use of intermediary files, copy-pastes, and manual entries.

    • Integrate with various mineral and metal processes and IT environments.

    • Account for changing operating conditions, such as varying feed runs and plant configurations.

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  • Leverage the power of statistical data reconciliation

    • Simultaneously reconcile weight and metal content.

    • Benefit from smart diagnosis for mass balance data validation.

    • Replace your legacy spreadsheets with a superior mass balance computation solution.

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  • Streamline your production reporting

    • Generate reports on a shift, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

    • Compare achieved production with budget and forecast data.

    • Enhance your operational insights by accounting and reporting additional process data.

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  • Ensure compliance with AMIRA P754 metallurgical accounting guidelines

    • Extend corporate governance standards to production accounting.

    • Benefit from a secured, traceable, and auditable production accounting process.

    • Sustain adherence to best practices with a clear user interface and intuitive workflows.

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Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

Algosys empowers mineral and metal processing plants to account and report metal productions and inventories with accuracy and timeliness. The solution, which can be delivered via cloud or on-premises, is a web portal that provides a clear and efficient production accounting workflow.  Algosys is an enterprise-grade metal accounting solution that goes beyond the AMIRA P754 compliance by offering several value-added features.

  • Shift/daily mass balance

    Account and report timely, accurate, and reconciled production values for a shift/daily period. Provide a one-glance appraisal of mass balance data quality and a clear workflow for fast approval.

  • Monthly mass balance

    Extend beyond the plain aggregation of shift/daily production values by accounting and reporting the ore and concentrate stocks, and the material movements between the stocks. Enable workflow enforcement and month-end adjustments strategies compatible with governance policies.

  • Budget data

    Import and distribute long-term budget values to include in daily reconciled production reports. Enable the optimal adjustment of process parameters to achieve production objectives.

  • Consumables

    Account and report the individual consumption and inventory of consumables involved in mineral and metal processing—including reagents, grinding media, power, and water—as they are used throughout the plant.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

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