Fixed Income Gain a competitive edge in today’s complex and fast-changing fixed income markets.

Discover what ION can do for you

Automate your credit trading, rates trading, and interest rate swaps trading and digitize your sales-to-trader workflow

Regulations, thinner margins, market fragmentation, and increased volatility are putting trading businesses under pressure. For your business to thrive, you need to reduce your costs, manage your risk, and serve your customers better than ever.

Our fixed income solutions give you everything you need to gain a competitive edge in today’s markets. Connect to all your inter-dealer venues, client venues, and exchanges from one system. View all your liquidity in one screen. Manage all your client inquiries in one place. Automate axes, runs, and reporting and digitize your voice trading.

It’s time for fixed income solutions that cut through the complexity of fixed income markets and help your business embrace digital transformation.

Complete fixed income solutions

Do everything you need

Connect to all your markets, handle email, chat, voice, and electronic trades. Manage your risk and P&L, all in one system.

Simplify your complexity

Replace outdated, unconnected legacy systems. Digitize and automate the workflow between your sales and trading desks.

Get actionable insights

See a complete view of your business in real time and use advanced analytics and KPIs to make your best decisions.

Reduce your costs

Choose our fully managed ION Cloud solution for quick, easy deployment and lower costs. All with the same advanced capabilities.


  • FI Credit

    Access all your fixed income markets in one screen. See all your data in one format. And do everything in one solution—from price discovery to trading and post-trade reporting.

  • FI Rates

    Connect to all your markets from one system.
    See all your liquidity across assets and markets in one screen.
    Easily assess different liquidity providers to ensure you choose the right one every time.

  • FI Sales to Trader

    Managing the fixed income sales-to-trader workflow for voice trading can be a complex, manual process. Digitalize and automate it with our Sales to Trader solution.

  • FI Swaps

    Connect to more than 100 IRS, bond, and futures trading venues.
    See information for diverse markets, aggregated and in one clear format. Manage innovative negotiation models like requests for markets, and compression or multi-asset lists.

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