KYC6 Monitor API 3.0

Table of contents

Matches Reopening

For matches that have previously been closed, the following rules are applied when the ARI Profile is updated:

  • If the match was a true positive, the match will always be reopened.
  • If the match was a false positive, the match will only be reopened if the match score is increased.

No Longer A Match

In the event that a match that was previously created is re-screened and is no longer considered a match, the below process will determine the outcome.

Note that the reason a match becomes “not a match” could be due to:

  • The match score no longer meeting the minimum threshold set in the worklist,
  • The profile no longer matching the datasets specified in the worklist, or
  • One of the filters such as countries or date of birth no longer matching the profile.

It is possible to detect when a match is no longer a match and needs to be discarded by the fact that the match score will always be “0”. In this case you can only set the disposition to “discarded”.