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What is a cash management solution?

Organizations have expenses, whether salary payments, bills, or paying off loans. Cash must be available in the right place at the right time. Treasury teams have to support global growth and protect financial assets—often without the infrastructure and resources. They’re looking to gain a complete picture of their cash globally and ensure accurate forecasts to support strategic decisions. A cash management solution helps you manage liquidity for short- and long-term obligations, while maintaining financial stability, minimizing funding costs, and maximizing excess cash returns.

Why an ION Treasury cash management solution?

Cash positioning

Review your cash positions and consolidate all known cash flows and forecasts in one place. Project cash flows and predict the closing balances on all your accounts in real time. Group your cash position in different ways to better determine your organization’s needs and requirements.

Cash forecasting

Make more informed liquidity planning decisions by combining your historical transactions with machine learning tools for accurate cash flow forecasts. Compare these forecasts to actuals and simulate scenarios to better plan for unexpected events in the future.

Bank reconciliation

Improve efficiency and productivity by automating your bank reconciliation process with configurable rules engines. Automatically reconcile your bank transactions with financial records while quickly identifying fraudulent activity and statement errors.

In-house banking

Streamline and automate the setup and management of internal banking services such as POBO, COBO, FX requests, funding, and working capital for business units across the organization.


We understand that your organizations’ challenges and requirements are unique. That’s why ION Treasury offers dedicated cash management functionality in a choice of Treasury Management Systems. No matter where you are in your digital journey, we have the right solution for you.

  • City Financials

    A pre-configured treasury and risk management solution that provides efficiency and strong controls using standard treasury practices.

  • IT2

    A configurable treasury and risk management solution that offers a superior visual user experience and an integrated workflow framework.

  • ITS

    A treasury and risk management solution with broad and deep capabilities for Central European companies.

  • Openlink

    A comprehensive enterprise treasury and risk management solution for large commodity-intensive organizations needing extensive asset class coverage.

  • Reval

    A highly scalable, comprehensive, and integrated treasury and risk management SaaS solution.

  • Reval TS

    A liquidity management system for banks to enhance their corporate service offering.

  • Treasura

    A cash and liquidity management SaaS solution for companies ready to automate their cash operations.

  • Wallstreet Suite

    An enterprise treasury and risk management solution designed for the unique needs of the world’s largest, most complex organizations.


  • Corporates
  • Financials Institutions
  • Governments and central banks


  • APAC
  • Americas
  • EMEA

Delivery Method

  • On-premise
  • SaaS

Size of Treasury team

  • <10
  • 10 – 25
  • 25+

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are companies automating their cash management operations?

    Reliance on spreadsheets or outdated systems leaves cash managers struggling to handle day-to-day operations efficiently and securely. An ION TMS provides you with a centralized location to understand and analyze your cash position.

    For more insight, read our latest blog post on why no treasury should rely on spreadsheets.

  • How can an ION Treasury Management System (TMS) support cash optimization strategies?

    For any cash optimization strategy, the key to success is having good cash visibility. The better your cash visibility the easier it is to make optimal decisions at the right time. Relying on spreadsheets can be time-consuming, difficult to maintain, and lacking a real-time element to reflect any changes.

    ION’s TMSs help support organizations with their cash optimization strategies by providing this visibility. Enabling real-time data consolidation from your banks, ERPs, subsidiaries, and financing activities. Cash positions are automatically updated, and increased accuracy of cash forecasts allows organizations to react quickly to make optimal decisions, lower cash buffers, and decrease reliance on external funding.

  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help to improve cash forecasting?

    Machine Learning-based forecasting methods are able to produce cash forecasts significantly quicker and with greater accuracy than manual processes. They are also able to reveal new insights from large data sets that traditional methods cannot.

    ION has developed tools to help users create forecasts and predict cash movements using multiple Machine Learning techniques, reducing the time taken to generate forecasts down to a matter of seconds.

    Learn more about how ION Treasury customers can take advantage of these exciting new capabilities here.

  • What’s the ROI of cash management software?

    To determine the value of new cash and liquidity management software for your organization, think about the following:

    • What is the dollar value of idle cash?
    • If you had global visibility into cash positions, could you avoid exceeding lines of credit?
    • If your forecasting was more accurate, could you make better use of your cash?
    • If you had one subsidiary depositing in one bank and another taking out a loan from a different bank, how much would you save on interest and bank fees with an in-house bank?
  • IT2 has delivered best-in-class cash management architecture for Itron. IT2 provided full visibility and transparency of transactions to make better informed decisions.

    Edward R. Barrie
    Assistant Treasurer, Itron
  • The numbers come in from the bank, and post to my GL automatically. I find Treasura easy to use.

    Karyn Brown
    Assistant Treasurer, Austin Industries
  • Wallstreet Suite was an integral part when setting out Merck and Co Inc.’s global treasury strategy to support the business and redefine its centralized cash management and the way it communicates with its banks.

    Hans-Maarten van den Nouland
    Executive director Global Liquidity Management, Merck and Co. Inc.

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