Anvil OMS A complete OMS trading system for repo order management.

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Cut through the complexity of repo markets

Client order management is growing more digitalized. As new markets open up and competition for liquidity intensifies, information overload is a real danger for trading desks and salespeople alike.
Whether your repo operation is large or small, ION’s integrated order management solution can transform this complexity into simplicity.

Digitalize all your repo orders and manage them in one OMS system

For your business to thrive, you can’t rely on a mixture of poorly integrated solutions to manage the flow of requests from all your different sources—email, chat, and electronic RFQs.
With Anvil OMS, all your incoming requests can be automatically converted to digital orders and managed in one screen, where you can reply with best prices and execute trades with a single click.
You also get advanced analytics showing what you’re trading and who you’re trading with, all at a glance. That means you can take control of your workflow.
What’s more, you can go live in just weeks.

  • Email, chat, and e-RFQs in one system

  • All your data in one screen

  • Global connectivity to repo venues

  • Data-driven business insights

  • Freedom to grow your business

  • Rapid go-live

Key features

  • Get all the data you need in one place

    • Get instant access to all the major repo venues around the world.

    • Manage your client flow across all channels in one screen.

    • Automate incoming client and outgoing locate requests.

    order management system
  • Automate your manual processes

    • Simplify your sales-to-trader workflow.

    • Configure automated responses and order routing.

    • Manage your trade execution and lifecycle events seamlessly.

    trade order management system
  • Make your best decisions

    • Empower traders with all the information they need to respond quickly to your clients.

    • Automate your pricing decisions with real-time market data and compliance checks.

    • Access your complete order history to help you customize your trading strategy.

    order management systems

Learn how Anvil OMS software works

With ION’s Anvil OMS, take control of your workflow with advanced analytics showing your trading at a glance and manage your trade lifecycle seamlessly.

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