Software Solutions Vertical software solutions for specific functional sectors integrated into the Information System

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Applications that cover a bank's requirements in its main business segments

  • Investment: Customized and modular software solutions for the management of all investment areas, financial instruments, securities, listed and OTC derivatives, and digital wealth management.
  • Channels: Platforms equipped with applications that allow multichannel management of business with customers.
  • Lending: Full and integrated platform for the lending cycle management.
  • Governance Systems: Solutions that cover all requirements of the banks referring to accounting, management control, remote controls, and integrated risk management.
  • Payment Systems: Framework connected with main interbank payment systems (for example, ACH/Sepa, CSM, RNI, CLS, Swift, and so on) that allows financial institutions to process euro and foreign exchange payments.

Achieve cost efficiency, agility, automation, and time reduction with our solutions

In software solutions for Finance, we have a market share of 90% and over 20,000 users use our services. We provide cutting-edge solutions, that avoid heavy development investments and guarantees continuous evolution to obtain a strong reduction in operating costs.


Cost efficiency via savings on investments in infrastructure, automation of processes, and reduction of the necessary management resources.


Dynamic and agile solutions, designed to to adapt to any context in which they operate.


Modular solutions, with the possibility of extending services and features by adding appropriate ‘layers’ of applications.


Guarantee of regulatory compliance and minimization of timing to respond to changes.


  • AIRB - Advanced Internal Rating Based

    Advanced rating-based model allowing banks to improve the efficiency of their business processes for quantification and managing credit risk. Enables better management of the capital absorbed against the credit risk. Validation for the use of AIRB Rating System for regulatory purposes is underway at Bank of Italy.

  • ART - Business Process Automation

    Supports the bank in its transformation process. Enables an agile delivery model to respond to business needs in compliance with time, quality, and innovation.

  • ATM Multivendor

    Allows to administer multivendor ATM Fleet and manage their evolution through a single platform. The bank can reduce costs and complexity of ATM evolution enabling new forms of payment.

  • Bank Insurance

    Platform that manages insurance products and the insurance portfolio to support the distribution processes on different channels.

  • Branch Platform

    Offers all the benefits of advanced integration between traditional teller operations, back office, and CRM applications. Helps banks to organize and monitor the activities of its own sales network. Reduces operational risks, and simplifies and increases the security and speed of processes.

  • Campaign Management

    Helps banks increase the effectiveness of their sales actions to individual clients, or to specific customer segments, through multistep, multiwave, and multichannel campaigns. Supports the development and automation of proactive campaigns for clients more inclined toward a specific type of product/service or to a specific contact channel. The use of the product as a service is also foreseen.

  • Cheques Suite

    A complete solution for the management of cheques and related regulations that allows issuing, processing, and negotiation in all the lifecycle.

  • Commissioning

    Handles the entire management system of the Banker’s Network — acquisition, commission refund, reporting, allowance, and invoicing.

  • Credit Quality Management

    Offers a powerful credit quality profiling engine that processes the bank client portfolio daily. Allows to apply the credit quality management policies defined by the bank and the operational decentralization of activities on the peripheral network with a timely performance verification.

  • Credit Rating System

    Manages in a single application engine a multiplicity of differentiated evaluation models both at level of each bank and by risk segment

  • Customer Data Management

    An advanced solution for enhancing the value extraction from customer data. It consists a series of integrated products that improve the effectiveness of real-time commercial actions through digital channels.

  • Data Lake, Big Data and Data Analytics

    Extracts the maximum value from data. It represents a Data Hub based on the Data Lake platform for the management of structured and unstructured data. Allows the banks to anticipate the client’s needs and favor real-time interactions.

  • Digital Wealth Management

    An omni-channel digital solution that automates the entire life cycle of the individual wealth management and advisory service used through smart devices — computer, mobile, and tablet. Aimed both at the end client and promoter, it’s customizable through interactive and evolving widgets.

  • Early Warning

    Intercepts the first irregularities of customers and helps activate risk mitigation. Warnings and payment reminders to the customers can be customized and parameterized, as well as the anomaly triggers. The scope of application of triggers can be defined according to the characteristics of the customer portfolio.

  • Easy Match – Reconciliations

    A new-generation centralized reconciliation tool covering a full range of checking activities. Manages all financial instruments like currencies, securities, consumables, and derivatives.

  • Financial Instruments - Securities

    Manages high volumes of data in real time. Supports multi-language, multi-currency, multi-channel, and multi-institute configurations for banking groups, custodians, outsourcers, insurance companies, brokers, and SGRs.

  • Interbank Corporate Banking

    Manages Interbanking Corporate Banking products (CBI, CBI2, and access to online information) and the bank’s distinctive products and value-added services. Improves integration and efficiency of the bank’s internal processes. Supports any type of operations — multibank, multicompany, multicurrency within a multi-browser and multi-platform structure.

  • Internet Banking

    Covers all banking and online trading functions from the most basic to the most advanced, revenue and expense control functions, and more advanced natural language processing and balance aggregation functions. It allows proposals for the individual customer and integrates with the bank’s CRM offering an advanced and uniform user experience.

  • Listed Derivatives

    Manages transactions related to listed derivative contracts, and enables trading and margin operations calculation. Financial instruments such as Futures and Option contracts in the Italian and international markets lifecycle are managed by the system.

  • Management Planning and Control

    Helps comprehensively manage all phases of planning and control cycle — operational planning, calculation engine for internal transfer rates, cost allocation, network reporting, and commercial and management reporting.

  • MAPS 3.0 - Model for Analysis, Forecasting, and Simulation

    Analyzes income prospects and financial dynamics of companies through the evaluation of their financial statements. Based on possible scenarios, the solution can autonomously develop the prospective n-year financial statements of each company by integrating historical data with sector information.

  • Mobile Banking

    Covers all online banking and trading functions in an isofunctional way compared to the desktop version providing the latest technological evolution to customers. It is constantly evolving, as with the recent introduction of biometric functions — Fingerprint and Face ID.

  • Non-Performing Loans Management

    Supports banks in the management of non-performing loans through solutions that automate management processes and allows to obtain maximum efficiency in credit recovery.

  • OBJFIN - Position Keeping

    A fully integrated framework for Position Keeping, Limit Management and Risk Management, P&L Management, and operational liquidity monitoring of proprietary trading portfolios.

  • Origination

    Helps banks differentiate the process of analyzing loans based on the risk/return profile of each request and the credit policies adopted. Automates the information collection and optimizes credit-quality control.

  • Open Banking

    Works in partnership with banks to develop new open banking services. Helps banks transition to modifiable and programmable ‘digital platforms’ for the rapid creation of vertical services, such as Robo advisory, Instant Lending, Data collection and aggregation platforms.

  • Practice Management Suite

    Manages and automates the lifecycle of different dossiers — complaints, non-credit litigation, documentation requests, and requests relating GDPR rights.

  • Pricing Risk Adjusted

    The tool allows you to simulate the price of a lending transaction. The ‘target’ price of the transaction is built bottom-up, through the determination of a break-even spread that considers all the components of the operation to be remunerated, such as expected loss, cost of capital, cost of funding and operating costs.

  • Product Sales

    Creates custom commercial offers to suit the customer. Increases the probability of realizing new sales through guided processes that prevent operational errors.
    Perfectly integrated with the CRM applications, placing the customer at the center of the sales process, and providing operational, commercial and behavioral information.

  • Remote Control

    Continuously and systematically analyzes the company data to identify anomalous phenomena, or potential areas of risk. Helps analysts to navigate system information, and to build advanced analysis views and complex performance indicators without requiring the intervention of ICT structures.

  • Remote Selling

    Offers bank’s customers and prospects the opportunity to purchase banking and financial products remotely, even on mobile devices, in totally digital, and end-to-end mode. Helps banks expand their customer network and implement upselling strategies offering the possibility of designing processes, with the same customer experience, for the sale of specific bank products.

  • Robo Advisory

    Enables the bank to deliver innovative investment services through an additional distribution channel. Provides an automated consulting service for the bank’s retail clients who can operate in the self mode to subscribe financial products, monitor their position continuously, receive notifications of rebalancing of the portfolio, and make contributions or withdrawals of liquidity.

  • SEPA Credit Transfer Instant

    Enables instant credit transfers at a pan-European level with the highest levels of security and continuous time availability. It is delivered through different channels of Core Banking, such as Internet and Mobile Banking, Corporate Banking and so on.

  • SiCAF - Tax Receivables

    Management and administrative platform for purchased tax credits. Assists the intermediary in the optimal offsetting of tax credits, recording all operational lifecycle phases, and generating accounting records and the supervisory reports.

  • SiClearing

    The system manages the matching, settlement, and clearing phase for all the trades, both in the Italian (Monte Titoli) and international (Euroclear-Clearstream) environments. Sends all the trading and clearing transactions negotiated on the various markets to the matching and settlement systems (Monte Titoli, Euroclear, Clearstream).

  • SiDerivative OTC

    Manages all transactions related to OTC derivative contracts. Supports all types of derivative OTC instruments, and guarantees flexibility in managing new contractual models and speed of adjustment.

  • SiFIX - Routing of Orders to the Market

    A multi-bank and multi-broker application for the automated management of order routing. Transfers the collected messages to any intermediary using the FIX protocol, guaranteeing high performance.

  • SiLIDER - Regulated Derivatives Back Office

    Back-office and order collection solution that enables trading and margin call calculation. Helps manage Futures and Options derivative contracts traded on domestic and international markets.

  • SiMAD - Market Abuse Management

    A screening system with advanced customizable controls that highlights practices that deserve to be individually assessed and possibly reported to the Regulator. Includes preloaded rule sets and a single access point for obtaining synthetic information.


    Supports dispute management both for the individual intermediaries and the banking groups. Manages complaints, privacy and document requests, regulatory requirements, and user profiling.

  • SiTAX - Management of Capital Gain Taxation

    Includes the calculation and documentation concerning the overall position of the institute toward the tax administration, the individual taxable person at any date, and the tax for each individual taxpayer.

  • Smart Accounting

    A general and operational accounting platform. Manages accounting and non-accounting entries from all banking subsystems (Securities, Mortgages, Accounts, and so on), and also from the accounting units (offices and branches).

  • Smart Invoice

    Electronic management and supplier invoice workflow application. Automatic data capture and workflow optimizes and dematerializes the entire invoicing process. Reduces cost, resources, and time.

  • Risk - IFRS9

    Solution for the efficient management of IFRS9 Accounting Standard.


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  • Governance
  • Investment
  • Lending
  • Payment Systems