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Transform your complexity into simplicity

Credit markets have become increasingly complex and fragmented. And that makes it harder to find liquidity and offer your customers the fast, accurate service they need.

Whether you’re trading worldwide or focusing on a single sector, ION’s solution for credit trading can turn your complexity into simplicity.

Everything you need in one solution, from price discovery, to trading, to post-trade reporting

ION FI Credit gives you one screen that connects to all your markets and shows all your assets, prices, and liquidity in a single view.
You can automate the negotiation of smaller inquiries, so you’re free to focus on your higher-value trades. You can see your positions, risk, and P&L in real time, stream your inventory to customers, provide axes and runs with ease, and meet your reporting obligations automatically.
Your sales desks can get instant analytics regarding your customers’ trading activity, helping them to make their best decisions.
And you can digitize your sales-to-trader workflow, where your sales team can negotiate voice trades on behalf of your customers, and your traders can respond electronically.
With sophisticated RFQ management, configurable auto-negotiation, and integration with third-party systems and technologies, our solution has everything you need to trade on credit markets worldwide.

  • Everything you need in one system

  • Automation of smaller trades

  • Digitized sales-to-trader workflow

  • Insights to make your best decisions

  • Reporting made easy

  • Freedom to grow your business

Key features

  • Get insights where you need them

    • Use a single system for managing everything you need before, during, and after your trades.

    • Access live prices and spreads from all of your markets, aggregated alongside your own prices and quotes.

    • Highlight when your quotes fall outside the market or start to go stale.

    fi-credit solution
  • Focus on your most important trades

    • Automate your smaller trades so you can focus on the bigger ones.

    • Prioritize your key clients.

    • Take advantage of every business opportunity.

    • Instantly check the latest prices and trade history as you negotiate RFQs.

  • Make informed decisions

    • Sales and traders can analyze the trade history with each customer, to better understand your customers, your markets, and your desk.

    • Manage your quotes using real-time critical analytics, like hit ratios and price elasticity.

    • Access market data and pricing analytics before and through the lifecycle of each trade.

    fi-credit solution screenshot
  • Automate your reporting

    • Digitize your sales-to-trader workflow with integrated MiFID II and internal policy compliance checks.

    • Automatically report your trades to FINRA.

    • Seamlessly report your firm quotes for off-MTF inquiries to APAs.

    Fi credit solution software

Learn how FI Credit software works for credit trading

With ION FI Credit, get one screen that connects to all your markets and shows all your assets, prices, and liquidity in a single view. Whether you’re trading worldwide or focusing on a single sector, ION’s FI Credit can turn the complexity of credit trading into simplicity.

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