KYC6 Monitor API 3.0

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The Acuris Risk Intelligence Monitor API version 3.0 has now been launched. Below you will find a list of all the changes that have been made to the API. Note that all changes made will always be backward compatible and thus non-breaking.


17 May 2022A new endpoint has been added to the Monitor API that allows users to add more than 1 review to a monitor record’s matches in a single API call. See the Individual endpoint here and the Business endpoint here
30 May 2022The /worklist endpoint that lists all the worklist has been updated to include some new counters to let you know how many monitor records there are in the worklist as well as how many matches there are. You can check it out here
18 July 2022The /worklist endpoint that lists all the worklist has been updated to include new fields called individualDiscardedMatchesCount and businessDiscardedMatchesCount that indicate the number of matches that have been marked as discarded. Similarly for the /worklists/{worklistId}/{profileType} endpoint a new field called discardedMatchCount and for /worklists/{worklistId}/{profileType}/{monitorRecordId} discardedCount has been added.
18 August 2022You can now get the lastScreenedDateISO value from the /worklists and /worklists/{worklistId} endpoints that will tell you the last date that the worklist was screened by the monitoring process.
14 September 2022We have introduced a new endpoint that allows you to check the status of the nightly screening process. By querying /screening-status you can find out the lastStartISO, lastCompletionISO and the current status of either IDLE of RUNNING. More information can be found in the swagger docs here
7 November 2022The endpoint that allows you to close more than 1 match in a single call has now been updated to allow you to close up to 1000 matches in a single call.
7 November 2022All matches in the monitor now also include a “matchVersion” field that is incremented whenever the match is changed, either by our system, or user review. You can use this field in your review PUT operation to ensure that the match was not modified since it was last read by you. This is an optional feature.
21 November 2022A new optional parameter has been added to the /reviews GET endpoint that allows you to specify the order in which the reviews are returned.
14 March 2023The worklist configuration has been extended to allow you to set dobRequired, countryRequired and the type of matching for the worklist.
31 March 2023There is a new setting that can be applied to worklists that will filter monitor results based on PEP Tier. Take a look at the new worklist parameter called “pepTier”.
7 June 2023We have launched a new feature called “auto-review” that allows to you automatically close monitor matches that may have already been reviewed as part of a real time search. For more information see: Managing Your Records
18 December 2023In the event that the original evidence web page is no longer available, it is now possible to access the archived PDF version of the article. Take a look at the /{individuals|businesses}/{resourceId}/evidences/copyrighted/{evidenceId} endpoint in the API docs.
18 December 2023When a previously closed match gets re-opened by the screening process, it it now possible to retrieve a list of changes to the risk profile that have occurred since the last point in time when the match was closed. Take a look at the API endpoint /worklists/{worklistId}/{individuals|businesses}/{monitorRecordId}/matches/{qrCode}/changes