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DSC - your trusted market data provider

Track important data sets and market indicators for critical risk management and trade decisions on an enterprise-wide level. Mitigate price risk in uncertain and volatile markets. Improve decision making with DSC (Decision Support Center), a monthly subscription service for traders globally who require a market data and news aggregation

Harness the potential of real-time commodity prices with DSC

In today’s evolving marketplace, having access to your data—anytime, anywhere—is critical to staying ahead. With DSC, you can use any device in real time to access key price benchmarks and assessments from leading exchanges and market sources. DSC integrates seamlessly with your commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system, enabling full pricing automation.

  • Increase trade performance

  • Work from anywhere on any device

  • Display detailed market data

  • Monitor real-time sales

  • Assess market risk

  • Receive support around the clock

Key features

  • Customize pricing tables

    • Configure global price data for side-by-side analysis.

    • Consolidate data and combine live, delayed, and end-of-day (EOD) data.

    • Customize column positions, add or remove data, and change formatting to emphasize critical data.

  • Access market commentary and news from leading providers

    • Consolidate news feeds into a single stream and incorporate custom news channels.

    • Customize views with color-coded headlines by commodity, date, or other criteria.

    • Set news alerts and follow live trading windows on S&P Global Platts on your desktop and mobile.

  • Benefit from advanced charting

    • Analyze tick, intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly market data.

    • Identify risks, trends, and profitable opportunities ahead of competitors.

    • Compare multiple symbols across 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 years to see when the spreads have opened and closed.

  • Improve efficiency with a SaaS subscription model

    • Ensure instant setup and easy web-browser usage with SaaS.

    • Pay only for what is needed through affordable monthly subscriptions.

    • Subscribe to the desktop edition and get mobile access at no additional charge.

  • Stay current with real-time sales

    • Get an in-depth view of what’s being traded, as it’s being traded.

    • Be at the forefront of market activity.

    • Monitor live bids and offers on any month and any product, including back months and traded spread, arb, and crack quotes.

Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

DSC is a leading SaaS provider of market data and analytics for energy and commodity traders. DSC has several value-added modules, including real-time Excel tools, a historical price reader, and CTRM integration. DSC can be accessed on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere with internet access.

  • Real-time data (RTD) Excel links

    Stream EOD and real-time commodity prices from your DSC portal to Excel. This automatically refreshes trading formulas and strategies or pulls EOD prices for settlement and invoicing. Display real-time futures and FX as individual worksheets, track forward curves through pre-built formulas, and create spreadsheets easily—with drag and drop features or import from Historical Price Reader.

  • Historical Price Reader

    Draw from over 20 years of price history. Quick-charge your seasonality analysis through easy symbol look-up and the ability to select nearby or specific contract information. Drag the dataset into Excel as static data or use with RTD for daily data refreshed automatically.

  • CTRM integration

    DSC feeds CTRM solutions with the latest real-time commodity prices to update P&L, assess risk, create forward curves, and stress-test-scenarios. Instant uploads remove manual entry of prices, reducing errors in your portfolio.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sources does ION DSC provide access to?

    DSC provides key energy and commodity market news, industry benchmarks, and pricing indices for every region of the world. Access a wide variety of commodities industry benchmarks, news, and pricing indices from trusted sources including NYMEX, CME Group, London Metal Exchange, S&P Global Platts, CBOT, COMEX, DME, Forex, ICE, Dow Jones, and Marine Fuel Bunker Exchange.

  • On which devices can you access DSC?

    DSC is available on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets so you can access the latest commodity market data and news wherever, whenever. With DSC, you’re free to take the market with you on any mobile or tablet device.

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