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Navigate market volatility and operational complexity with our award-winning products, designed to support your organization’s needs. We offer a suite of comprehensive commodities trading, risk management, and advanced decision support solutions to empower businesses of all sizes across all industries, commodities, and regions. ION is a long-term partner on your digital transformation journey.


ION Commodities solutions

ION’s solutions cater to the specific needs of your industry. Explore our portfolio to find out where ION Commodities can accelerate your success with award-winning energy and commodities management solutions.

Commodity management solutions

Our solutions cater to the specific needs of your industry and range from low-TCO Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to highly customizable, market-leading CTRMs. Explore our portfolio to find out where ION Commodities can accelerate your success with award-winning energy and commodities management solutions. Extend your core CTRM solution with a range of seamlessly integrated complementary products and services.

  • Agtech

    An integrated solution to manage the agricultural product lifecycle from field to fork.

  • Algosys

    A metallurgical accounting solution for mass balancing and production reconciliation.

  • Allegro

    A customizable, industry-leading CTRM for utilities and energy companies.

  • Aspect

    A multi-tenant, SaaS CTRM for liquid hydrocarbons and metals traders moving off spreadsheets.

  • Carbon Zero

    Manage your energy transition with a simple, fast trading and inventory solution that covers the full carbon and renewable certificate lifecycle.

  • Credit Risk

    A web-based solution to measure, manage, and mitigate counterparty risk proactively.

  • CxC

    A commodity management system for palm oil and other grain and oilseed industries.

  • Decision Support Center (DSC)

    Support traders globally by providing access to a market data and news aggregation platform, available on all devices. Mitigate price risk in uncertain and volatile markets with full pricing automation.

  • FEA

    A suite of leading portfolio risk analytics and asset optimization tools for decision support.

  • Hedge Accounting

    A derivatives analyzer and toolkit to design and assess hedge effectiveness.

  • Openlink

    A comprehensive, multi-commodity CTRM for industry leaders operating at scale.

  • Precious Metals

    A single solution for managing physical bullion inventory across the value chain.

  • Qmastor

    A supply chain management solution to simplify coal and mineral operations and logistics.

  • RightAngle

    A CTRM with robust scheduling and logistics capabilities for liquid hydrocarbon companies.

  • Softmar

    A shipping solution for vessel chartering and operations integrated with ION’s CTRMs.

  • TriplePoint

    An out-of-the-box, multi-commodity CTRM with configurable functionality.

  • WAM

    An optimization solution for supply and demand planning, integrated with ION’s CTRMs.


  • Agriculture and CPG
  • Coal mining and production
  • Crude oil, refined products, and NGLs
  • Environmental credits and certificates
  • Manufacturing and procurement
  • Merchant trading
  • Metals and mining
  • Natural gas and LNG
  • Petrochemicals
  • Transportation and shipping
  • Utilities, power, and renewables


  • Basic (< 10 users)
  • Standard (10-100 users)
  • Advanced (100+ users)

Delivery Method

  • On-premise
  • SaaS / ION Cloud


  • CTRM
  • Complementary

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Energy Risk Awards 2023

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Energy Risk Awards 2023

Market analytics, model valuation and risk exposure management

Energy Risk Awards 2023

Emissions and green certificates

Energy Risk Awards 2023

CTRM Software House of the Year

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