Business Process as a Service Solutions to rationalize and simplify the operational processes of banks

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Management and governance of banking back-office processes

Coverage of the entire chain of banking back-office processes (lending, investment, payment systems, administrative services), from design to delivery, contact center services, document management, and ATM and POS management. We are among the top 5 players in Italy in the management and governance of banking back-office processes with over 70 financial institutions as clients.

Re-engineering, simplification, and management of complex processes

Our solutions allow the re-engineering of processes, simplification of internal methods of managing activities, management of costs and adaptation to regulatory compliance. This ensures high levels of service defined and monitored through customizable KPIs and advanced dashboards. The services are modeled on the client’s business, with a structured and consultative approach, which combine application and process skills.


Continuous innovation that allows to reduce execution time and improve the quality of the services provided.

Process-oriented approach

Management of activities through standardized processes. Workflows aligned with the best practices and customized on the basis of the organizational needs of banks.


Services that can be provided for each single activity module with the possibility of gradual outsourcing and business start-up by the bank.


Elastic cost structure, completely variable according to the volumes of activity. Maximum flexibility in the management of peaks, without increasing the unit management costs.


  • Back Office - Lending

    End-to-end value-added services for lending products based on consolidated professional skills and organizational expertise.

  • Back Office - Investment

    Services for the management and governance of investment of banks, SIM, and SGR. Some back-office activities include registry off financial instruments, transfer management, tax management, and so on.

  • Back Office - Payment Systems

    Manages all activities typical of the back-office area for the payment systems. Integrates typical ‘service activities’ with more specialist accounting and balance operations, logistics, storage, and transportation of paper documents.

  • Back Office - Administrative Services

    Manages back-office activities of the administrative services. Allows significant reduction in costs, and guarantees professional service and greater operational flexibility.

  • Contact Center

    Provides integrated services for customer relationship management. Designed to support all activities of the customer-bank relations in accordance with business objectives.
    Some features include 24×7 availability, multi-language management, multichannel capability, and so on.

  • ATM and POS Management

    Complete range of services to manage the bank’s ATM fleet and the operation of the POS in favor of commercial operators affiliated with the bank. ATM services include help desk, HW monitoring, maintenance, and supply. Main POS services are rental, help desk, maintenance, processing, reporting, and so on.

  • Sales Network Support

    Document management and back-office activities to support the bank’s sales network (contract acquisition, documentation compliance checks, data validity checks, customer data, relationship activation, preparation, and welcome kit).

  • Document Management

    Qualified consultancy services to identify critical document processes and implement targeted measures for optimization. End-to-end management of document management processes, and integration of back office and technological components.