Core Banking Integrated solution covering core activities of banks for all business lines

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Core banking platform for banks and financial institutions

Complete management of the information system — application components, technological infrastructure, AM, BPO, and help desk services. Multi-bank, multi-site, multi-channel, multi-language, and flexible information system owing to a modular, parametric, compliant integrated architecture.
3° Core Banking platform for financial institutions in Italy, adopted by over 40 banks and financial institutions, with over 31,000 users and 82,000,000 transactions handled per day.

Covers all your banking needs with a modern, customizable, and integrated platform

Complete and innovative service solution to respond flexibly to the multiple specializations of Italian banks and financial companies. You can save up to 30%, as a result of sharing technologies, systems, structures, resources, and skills among various customer banks.


Offers services (200+ applications) to cover all your needs. Complete management of the information system, including application management, help desk and back-office services.


Modular solution, which allows you to acquire only the applications of interest, customizable according to the needs of your bank.


Continuous evolution of the technological infrastructure and application systems to keep them in line with market changes and the transformation of your business models. We have invested over 250 million euros in innovation in the last 5 years.


Quick response to the Regulator’s lines with investments of ~ 45,000 person days per year to maintain the solutions fully compliant with legislation and constantly updated.