Barracuda FX Order Hub Enhance your FX order management system with automated passing of orders to member banks

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Automated FX order insourcing and outsourcing to member banks

Barracuda FX Order Hub automates the steps involved in passing orders to member banks over a fully hosted network.

The decision-making process is fully automated, while remaining transparent, auditable, and secure. Liquidity takers retain client relationships and control the risk routing, while liquidity makers insource orders.

Key use cases for Barracuda FX Order Hub:

  • Overnight book
  • Benchmark risk routing
  • White label algos

Award-winning FX order management software solutions

You can use Barracuda FX Order Hub as a standalone component that’s easily integrated with your existing systems, or as part of the Barracuda FX OMS order managmenet solution.

Barracuda FX OMS won the P&L Reader’s Choice Awards for Best FX OMS for 10 consecutive years. It’s deployed as the global order book in over 20 of the top 50 banks globally and supports resting, fixing, and algorithmic orders in FX and precious metals with native access to Order Hub.

  • Overnight management of resting orders

  • Automated hedging of benchmark residuals

  • White-label algos

  • Insourcing of orders from network

  • Outsourcing by currency or time zone

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

Key features

  • Hedge benchmark positions with partner liquidity providers

    • Automated placement of back-to-back orders.

    • Full delegation of out-of-hours order lifecycle events (new, cancel, amend).

    • Real-time order notifications on client venue.

    Barracuda FX Order Hub
  • Outsource management of algos

    • White-label algos (XTX, FXSpotStream).

    • Algos as a Service (Pragma, BGC Precision).

    • Algo management of benchmark positions.

    Barracuda FX Order Hub

Latest Markets awards

GW Platt FX Tech Awards 2023

Best TMS Provider with FX Module

FX Markets e-FX Awards 2022

Best connectivity, hosting, and co-location service

TradingTech Insight USA Awards 2022

Best Managed Services Solution for Trading

GW Platt FX Tech Awards 2022

Best API Trader

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