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About Openlink

Openlink is for companies that engage across multiple commodities markets on a global scale, with sophisticated needs around risk and physical logistics. The front-to-back solution supports all commodity asset classes with advanced risk management, extensive workflow automation, and customization capabilities. With comprehensive coverage spanning across commodities and value chain segments, Openlink scales with your growing business.

Why Openlink

Openlink delivers unparalleled comprehensive capabilities in risk management, high-performance operations, and real-time streaming data. By having a complete view of your portfolio and sophisticated risk analysis tools, you can unlock opportunities to thrive across commodities markets. Many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated commodity-intensive corporations rely on Openlink.

  • Workflow automation from the front- to back-office

  • Sophisticated risk management

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Connected data across the business

  • Multi-commodity trading

  • Reduced reconciliation times

Key features

  • Unified solution

    • Consolidate multiple commodity business lines.

    • Enforce risk analytic consistency across the enterprise.

    • Connect to market data providers and exchanges.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Advanced analytics

    • Explore what-if scenarios using potential market conditions.

    • Simplify calculations with an extensive pricing model library.

    • Optimize trading strategies with real-time P&L visibility.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Built for scale

    • Automate workflows to improve business efficiencies.

    • Apply business checks and logic to reduce operational risk.

    • Configure screens and desktops to fit user’s preferences.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Superior performance

    • Stream your real-time data with Apache Kafka.

    • Leverage a scalable data grid for high transaction volumes.

    • Improve decision making with real-time risk analytics.

    enterprise risk management sofware

Enhance your solution with value-added modules

Openlink is a multi-commodity, multi-currency, highly scalable, and extensible CTRM solution. It’s built on proven technology and robust architecture with the following key capabilities:

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

  • Reconciliation, invoicing, and document management

    Facilitate P&L reconciliation, invoicing, and book closure (end-of-day, month-end, and year-end closure). Manage all back office and logistics document generation and tracking.

  • Scheduling and logistics

    Easily plan and replan asset allocations and movements for any mode of transportation, including truck, rail, pipeline, vessel, and grid. Manage inventory and asset underutilization.

  • Sophisticated credit and risk management

    Leverage comprehensive data models and visualization tools to build hedging strategies and manage risks with real-time mark-to-market, Greeks, VaR, and credit exposure monitoring.

  • Trading and analytics

    Streamline trade capture with direct integration to major exchanges. Retrieve existing trades, run reports, and calculate impromptu or on-the-fly simulations and stress testing scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Openlink capable of growing with my business?

    Openlink uses an in-memory database for storage and retrieval of massive amounts of data. This ensures the Openlink solution scales as you add more users, counterparties, asset classes and as transaction volumes grow, and is able to deliver aggregated real-time position reporting for the largest trading operations.

  • Can just one solution meet all of my business’ needs?

    With Openlink, you get one integrated solution and one set of data that covers end-to-end processes from equity production, gas processing, forecasting, sourcing, and storage/transport optimization to marketing, trading, contract management, and position management through to risk, accounting, reporting, and compliance. This minimizes the risk of errors that may otherwise arise from transferring data between systems and ensures that traders and risk managers can see correct positions at all times.

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