Commodity financial managers and controllers Automating back-office processes.

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Optimize workflows to reduce complexity

Back-office operations, historically associated with repetitive, manual tasks, have much to gain from innovative technology. By automating their end-to-end processes, businesses can reduce operational risks, resolve disputes faster, and unlock allocated capital. To modernize their post trade operations, financial managers and controllers need optimized workflow solutions to seamlessly integrate commodity trading, risk management, and physical operations data. With a comprehensive solution for settlement, invoicing, and accounting, financial managers can make smarter trade financing decisions and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

Why choose an ION Commodities financial management solution?

  • Streamlined settlement and invoicing

    Automate cashflow netting to simplify the settlements process, reducing manual effort and errors. Generate accurate invoices with the latest trade and cost data using a single solution across the business.

  • Advanced accounting treatment

    Prove hedge effectiveness and ensure auditability to comply with international accounting standards. Apply a uniform accounting treatment and generate accurate journal entries from the system of record for your general ledger.

  • Consolidated financial reporting

    Generate reports at the enterprise level and drill down into the cashflow details to analyze capital allocation. Customize reports to comply with evolving regulations, accounting standards, and internal governance.

Commodity financial management solutions

To ensure timely payments, your company needs a reliable solution to streamline settlements and generate accurate invoices. ION’s commodity management solutions utilize innovative workflow automation to simplify complex back-office processes, freeing financial managers of repetitive, manual tasks and empowering them to make improved financial decisions as trading volumes grow.


  • How do ION's solutions ensure we are complying with our business policies?

    ION’s solutions provide structure and security. With all business operations utilizing the same solution, you can ensure all data is accurate and up to date. Clearly defined process workflows also ensure consistency and allow for real-time monitoring. Our solutions are flexible and can adapt to your business’ unique policies, as well as evolving governing regulations.

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