MarketFactory Reflector Real-time pre-trade risk checks to protect your foreign exchange trading business

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Cross-venue trade risk assessment for prime brokers, eFX desks, and systematic funds

MarketFactory Reflector protects your foreign exchange trading business against market and credit risk in real time.

Reflector performs 100 per cent pre-trade checking on net open position (NOP), daily settlement limit (DSL), pending orders, and more, without adding significant latency. The solution instantly blocks any orders that would break a limit.

Real-time pre-trade risk checks across all your foreign exchange trading venues and platforms

With Reflector, you can run risk checks across all your FX venues and proprietary trading platforms. You can set your limits, configure real-time alerts, and manage Reflector the way you choose – using a web user interface or a REST API.

  • Global checking on all venues

  • 100 percent pre-trade checking

  • Customizable limits

  • Configurable alerts

  • 5–12 μsec latency

  • Web user interface or REST API

Key features

  • Real-time pre-trade checking

    • Real-time pre-trade checks against global limits across all venues.

    • Safety checks on order size, throttle checks, quotes in the market, and pending limits.

    • Administration by web user interface, REST API, or both.

    trade risk assessment
  • Customizable limits and alerts

    • Customizable limits on base currency, currency pair, trading entity, trading groups, netting, tiering, margining, and more.

    • Set net open position (NOP) and daily settlement limit (DSL).

    • Configurable email alerts.

    pre trade risk check

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Best connectivity, hosting, and co-location service

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Best API Trader

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Best Connectivity Provider of the Year

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