Agtech Manage your agricultural product lifecycle from origination to manufacturing.

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Streamlining your agriculture value chain

Simplify your agriculture supply chain in one solution specifically designed for agriculture. Manage origination and processing data seamlessly for an accurate position—from farm to fork. Agtech accounts for all activity in real-time so you can make faster and better decisions.

Improve decision making with Agtech

Unpredictable weather, supply chain disruptions, and other unforeseeable circumstances make today’s agricultural marketplace volatile. Using a robust agriculture solution is essential for your business’ profitability. Clear visibility into your organization’s positions and risks leads to smarter and more informed decisions. Around the world, companies that buy, sell, warehouse, or process commodities rely on Agtech to provide complete control and oversight of the entire product lifecycle.

  • Increase profitability

  • Visualize risk

  • Centralize systems

  • Reduce errors

  • Simplify product lifecycle

  • Digitalize farmer communications

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With ION’s Agtech, manage your agricultural product lifecycle from origination to manufacturing in real-time so you can make faster and better decisions.

Key features

  • Translate risks into opportunities

    • Accurately capture position data for physical inventory, contracts, futures, and options.

    • View overall risk exposure from all physical and financial transactions.

    • Validate position balances with diagnostics and reconciliation programs.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Simplify your complex supply chain

    • Address the requirements of grain, commodity ingredients, and non-commodities in a single integrated solution.

    • Examine each transaction and drill down into individual ticket data for on-site and offsite inventory.

    • Analyze sales data by product, customer, sales representative trader, and product group.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Organize warehouse management

    • Reflect contract changes, ticket entry, sales order processing, and purchase order receiving instantly.

    • Assign contract releases to purchases, sales, and direct ship orders.

    • Assign bins for certain commodities and track grade details.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Unify front and back office with full transparency into financials

    • Gain efficiencies with your AR, AP, and inventory subledgers in the same system as your contracts and tickets.

    • Achieve better business visibility by separating your P&L by location, currency, and commodity.

    • Optimize your mark-to-market reporting for physical trades, derivatives, and inventory.

    enterprise risk management sofware
  • Streamline your production processes with formula-based manufacturing

    • Calculate manufacturing based on the market cost of ingredients.

    • Capture formulas and recipes to compute production, by-products, and scraps.

    • Determine requirements for production, trading, and contracting using demand and sales forecasting tools.

    enterprise risk management sofware

Enhance your solution with optional value-added modules

Agtech’s front-to-back solution provides complete control and oversight of the entire product lifecycle. Unlike other multi-commodity offerings, Agtech is specifically designed for agricultural markets with a fully integrated web portal and enriched document tools. Better yet, it’s available on the ION Cloud, which can lead to big savings.

  • Frontier portal

    Build loyalty and deepen relationships with your customers through real-time access to their contracts, tickets, and settlement data on their mobile devices. Quickly communicate changes in market bids and accept customer offers directly in Agtech.

  • Advanced shipment manager for containers

    Improve control and visibility of export sales transactions with an independent dashboard view. Generate custom forms while managing incoming documents with built-in document management.

  • Document designer

    Develop customized contract, ticket, and invoice documents to enhance your communication with your counterparties. Provide complete document information with access to miscellaneous fields, including lots and certifications.

  • ION Cloud

    Lower your total cost of ownership and modernize your technology to optimize your operations and empower your business. Secure your data with ION’s multi-layered, trusted security stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main uses of Agtech?

    Agtech is a complete trading, risk management, merchandising, and accounting solution for any company buying, selling, warehousing, merchandising, or transforming agricultural commodities into finished products, co-products, and by-products for distribution and sale.

  • How can Agtech empower me to make better business decisions?

    With Agtech, you get real-time visibility into positions and inventory levels across commodities, in storage or transit, at all locations. With this data on hand when you need it, you can make more informed decisions. Agtech captures deals and tracks movements that impact inventory at each staging point. This means you can minimize the risk of supplies not being available at the right place at the right time, while avoiding issues around supply delays, substitutions, and penalties.

  • What are the benefits of utilizing agtech solutions for managing origination and processing data in the milling software industry?

    By utilizing agtech solutions for managing origination and processing data in the milling software industry, businesses can enhance traceability, improve quality control, and achieve better production planning, leading to cost savings, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

  • How can Agtech’s agriculture solution simplify my supply chain in the feed manufacturing industry?

    Agtech’s agriculture solution streamlines processes, optimize inventory management, and enables seamless integration of data across the supply chain in the feed manufacturing industry, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced operational complexities.

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