Entities API

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Data Glossary 

API field API field value example 
“name”: “Deloitte”, 
“description”: “UK-based financial advisor providing audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services”, 
mmgid“: “prime-1806531”, 
“value”: “formerly Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance” 
mmgid“: “prime-381”, 
url“: “http://www.deloitte.com/”, 
“telephone”: “+44 (0)20 7936 3000”, 
“fax”: “+44 (0)20 7583 1198”, 
“registrar”: “Companies House”, 
“id”: “OC303675” 
mmgid“: “prime-GBR”, 
“code”: “GBR”, 
“value”: “United Kingdom” 
“address”: “2 New Street Square”, 
“city”: “London”, 
“postcode”: “EC4A3BZ”, 
mmgid“: “prime-GBR_GREATER_LONDON”, 
“value”: “Greater London” 
mmgid“: “prime-finance”, 
“code”: “finance”, 
“value”: “Financial Services” 
mmgid“: “prime-invbanking“, 
“code”: invbanking“, 
“value”: “Investment banking” 
isCeased“: false, 
mmgid“: “prime-GBR”, 
“code”: “GBR”, 
“value”: “United Kingdom” 
mmgid“: “prime-private”, 
“code”: “private”, 
“value”: “Private company” 
mmgid“: “prime-consultancy”, 
“code”: “consultancy”, 
“value”: “Consultancy”