Entities API details


The Entities API allows you to access information on over 1M records of private and public companies, institutional investors, regulatory bodies and agencies, advisory firms, sponsors, assets, and private investors. 

With this API you can find more information on entities you are not familiar with, and you can streamline and focus calls to other APIs using our proprietary unique identifier.  

The information for each entity includes general information, HQ details, operational industries and geographies, and identifiers. 

The API is delivered over HTTPS, conforms to RESTful principles, and returns JSON objects. 

Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 1.1M records
Archive history
Since 2002
Information source
Acuris Research
Content type
Private and public companies, advisory firms, sponsors, institutional investors, regulatory bodies and agencies, assets, and private investors
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Long lived API token
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What identifiers are available?

Each entity has a unique internal identifier, which can be used to link different API calls together. Instrument identifiers can be used to query the API. 

What is the regional coverage of the database?

Our database is global, with equal distribution across Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.