Entities API

Table of contents

How to query

You can use the following query to get the content matching your API subscription: 

curl -H 'x-api-key: PUBLIC_API_KEY' https://api.acuris.com/entities/ 

You can query the API for specific criteria by adding one or more parameters to the API call. The response will only include entities matching the criteria specified. 

Multiple criteria are interpreted using AND condition, whereas multiple values for the same criteria are interpreted with OR condition. For example, to get all entities headquartered in Germany AND operating in the automotive components sector, use: 


To get all entities headquartered in Germany OR Austria, AND operating in the automotive components sector, use: 


To get a single entity, you need to pass the entity’s ID to the query: 


For better yielding results, all strings should be encoded using the percentage encoding standard where, for example, space is encoded as %20 like so: 


Reference data

Our static reference data is identified by the prefix “prime-”. For example, “prime-DEU” is the identifier for Germany as geography.  

The list of all static reference data is available at https://api.acuris.com/reference/docs. 

The Acuris Entities API query parameters accept value without the “prime-” prefix, except for the call by entity’s identifier.  


Results are returned by the API in blocks of 10 records per page. The previous” and “next” values under “_links allow you to paginate through the response. 

If you are on page n of N and want to go to the next page of results, use the “next” link, for example: 

"next": "https://api.acuris.com/entities?after=cHJpbWUtMTAwMDAxNg%3D%3D.fd4984ea" 

Use the “previous” link to go to the previous page of results, for example: 

"previous": "https://api.acuris.com/entities?before=cHJpbWUtMTAwMDAwNw%3D%3D.633fb04b"