Entities API

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The following is a sample selection of the most commonly used query parameters. The full list of query parameters for the Acuris Entities API is available via the Swagger pages. 


Use the ‘entityName’ property to look up entities by name and retrieve their detailsUse the percentage encoding standard for stringe.g. space encoded as %20to yield better results. 


 “Begin With” and partial matching is the default logic applied to the entity’s name and entity’s aliases. For example, searching “ION%20Group” will match both “ION Group” and “Ionics Inc.. 

‘sector’ and ‘subsector’ 

Get all items that are relevant for a specific industry. The industry classification is according to Acuris proprietary categorization. The following example shows how to query entities relevant for the leisure sector. 


To narrow the search to a specific industry’s subsector, use the ‘subsector’ parameter. For example, to find entities that operate as travel, holidays and tour operators, use the following query: 


Sector and subsectors can be combined to create a unique industry view. For example, to create a list of companies that operate in agriculture, plus the ones that operate in agrochemicals, you can use the following query. 


hqCountry’ and ‘hqState 

These two properties allow you to retrieve entities that are headquartered in a specific country or stateThe example below shows how to query entities with headquarter in Germany. 


To narrow the search to a specific state, use the ‘hqState’ parameter. For example, to find entities that are headquartered in Bavaria, use the following query. 


operationalCountry’ and ‘operationalState 

Use these parameters to find entities that operate, or are headquartered, in specific countries or states. For example, to query for entities that operate, or are headquartered, in the Cayman Islands. 


To run the same search on specific states, use the ‘operationalState’ parameter. For example, to find entities that operate or have the headquarter in Bavaria, use the following query. 



To augment the entity data available in other Acuris APIs with the information available in the entity API, you can use the company’s “prime-id”. 

For example, the Acuris Intelligence API response shows the “prime-id” of each company and advisor tagged in the article: 

"companyRelationshipGroups":[{ "bidders":[{ "mmgid":"prime-381", "name": "Deloitte" }]}] 

To get additional information on Deloitte from the entities API, use its “prime-id”, like so: