M&A Deals API details


With the Acuris M&A Deals API you can access our exclusive archive of over 400,000 expected, announced, and completed M&A deals tracked since 1998.

Streamline the integration of relevant and reliable data into systems, portals and business applications, and gain invaluable insight into:

  • Deal description, structure, background, and rationale of the transaction.
  • Target, buyer and seller details, including their advisory firms and teams.
  • Target financials, multiples, and share price.
  • Deal consideration structure.
  • Deal financials and source of funding.

The API supports a wide set of query parameters, and the extended meta-data included in the API allows you to create tailored analysis of the data.

There are multiple use cases that can be satisfied by integrating the Acuris M&A Deals API in your workflows and systems. Common ones include the aggregation of multiple datasets into analytical and financial models. The advanced elaboration capability on vast number of standardized data points allows for efficient and effective profile of companies, industries, advisors, and PE portfolios. Advanced transaction comparables, PE strategies, and historical event impact analysis.

Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 400,000 M&A transactions
Archive history
Since 1998
Information source
Acuris research
Content type
Expected, live, completed and lapsed M&A deals
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Long Lived API Token
Response format
Update frequency
Real time publishing
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What is the coverage of M&A transactions?

The Acuris M&A Deals API covers all M&A transactions in the expected, live, completed, and lapsed universes. Defined as follows:

  • Expected deals: publicly announced possible M&A. E.G. rule 2.4 of the takeover code in the UK, and a company announcing that it has hired an investment bank to “examine strategic alternatives” in the US.
  • Live deals: announced M&A deals where the equity value of the target is above the threshold for the region and more than 30% of target shares are in free float.
  • Completed deals: completed transactions, where the offer becomes unconditional in all respects. These also include completed deals where the target is still listed, and the bidder owns less than the squeeze out threshold (typically 90%) in the target; completed deals where the target is still listed and the bidder owns at least the squeeze out threshold (typically 90%) in the target; completed deals resulting in the target company being delisted.
  • Lapsed deals: offers that are announced but never complete for various reasons, such as a competing bidder offering a higher price.

What data is included for each deal in the API?

The Acuris M&A Deals API response includes all the relevant structured meta-data of each transaction. For example parties and their advisers, deal description, target financials and multiples, deal consideration structure, financials and source of funding.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can download, or the number of queries I can run via the API?

Through the API you have access to the full data set you are entitled to by your product subscription, and there is no limit to the number of queries you can run.

What are the parameters I can use to query the API?

The API supports a wide range of query parameters, for the complete list visit the Swagger documentation. Examples of query parameters are free-text, type of deal,  transaction value, parties and advisory firms, geography and industry.