Context Search and Recommendation API details


The Selerity Context Search and Recommendation API delivers personalized content based on a user’s interests, search queries, and what’s happening in the world in real time, to drive engagement and power intelligent search in your single-dealer platform, financial portal, or other financial application.

Using contextual search and real-time recommendation, Selerity processes both proprietary and public content to surface important information to a user’s conversation and workflow. The results are higher productivity, engagement, and customer revenues.

Flexible semantic search

Search by currency, commodity, company, industry, keyword, and subjects including AND/OR statements.

Premium exclusive content

Over 40 leading business news and regulatory sources, MT Newswires, and Hammerstone.

Trending topics

Real-time trending topic detection customized to any interest or concept. Facilitates automated detection of important themes.

Content auto-tagging

Automatically tag all content sources and types with a unified ontology including relevance scores.

Client content integration and targeting

Clients can now integrate their proprietary and licensed content into Selerity Context using a simple publishing API.


Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 17M unique content items
Archive history
Source dependent but typically at least a year back where available.
Information source
Proprietary and public content. Like Acuris editorial products, newswires, public news sources, market commentary, research.
Content type
News, Research, market commentary etc....
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
API Key Header
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time