Primary Market Deals and Entities Feed details


The Dealogic Primary Market Deals and Entities Feed allows you to integrate actionable intelligence from over 2 million investment banking transactions. Dating back to 1995 our proprietary data and third-party information lets you create analytics and improve workflows.

The data feed is delivered into a predefined Microsoft (MS) SQL Server database via the included Data Loader application, enabling query of the entire spectrum of Dealogic’s investment banking content of:

  • 1M+ Fixed Income deals across Investment Grade and High Yield Bonds, IG and Leveraged Loans, Medium Term Notes, and Structured Finance.
  • 170K+ Equity Capital Markets transactions including IPOs, Follow-Ons, and Convertible Bonds.
  • 900K+ M&A deals including mergers, acquisitions, divestments, recapitalization, buybacks, and leveraged buyouts.
  • 1M+ entities covering corporate issuers, banks, lawyers, and private equity firms.
  • Dealogic’s Revenue Analytics powered by our proprietary investment banking fee model.

Whether originating deals, assessing the capital markets climate, looking for investment opportunities, or complying with regulations, the Dealogic Primary Market Deals and Entities Feed will provide the depth of insight to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Global, all industries
Archive size
1.1m Entities (Issuers, Banks, Financial Sponsors, Lawyers, etc), >2m Transactions, >2k Data Points
Archive history
Since 1995
Information source
Dealogic Research, Regulatory Filings, Press Releases, Bank Reconciliation
Content type
Announced, Completed, Withdrawn Deals across Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Syndicated Loans, and M&A
Delivery protocol
File-Based SFTP to MS SQL Server via Dealogic Data Loader App
Authentication type
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

Does the Data Feed include historical transactions?

The entire history of data back to 1995 is included in the Data Feed subscription.

Does the content in the Data Feed align with the content in the Dealogic Cortex front-end products?

We make the same content available in the Data Feed, delivered in a database format, and entitlements are controlled based on the data set you subscribe to (e.g. ECM data, Fixed Income data, M&A data, etc).

How frequently is the data updated?

Incremental update scheduling is flexible, with delivery available up to 1x/hour.

Do you offer point-in-time data across all data points?

Incremental update files are delivered for an entire record (deal, company, etc). We do not deliver historical changes on a per-field basis.

What are my options to consume the Data Feed?

The delivery is a set of XML files posted to the Dealogic secure ftp server. Clients can choose to interact with the XML files directly, or can use the Data Loader application, which is installed at the client side, creates a pre-defined database schema in MS SQL Server, and automatically processes incremental update files as they are generated.

creates a pre-defined database schema in MS SQL Server

and automatically processes incremental update files as they are generated.