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News, intelligence, analysis, and research-driven insight from ION Analytics’ leading financial publications of Mergermarket, Debtwire, Dealreporter, PaRR, Activistmonitor, and Wealthmonitor.

With the ION Analytics Intelligence API, you can access our exclusive archive of over 2M unique articles published since 2002, and streamline the integration of relevant and reliable information into systems, portals, and business applications.

The API supports a wide set of query parameters. The extended meta-data included in the payload allows you to create tailored views of the content, and gain invaluable insight into:

  • Forward looking actionable intelligence sourced from dealmakers globally.
  • High value news, data, and analysis on debt markets worldwide.
  • Market-moving scoops and analysis for event-driven trading strategies, and full coverage of every stage of a deal.
  • Breaking news and forward-looking analysis on global antitrust investigations and enforcement, merger reviews and litigation.
  • Intelligence on early stage strategic intentions of private and public companies and the beneficiaries.
  • News on live and potential activist campaigns, advisory mandates, and corporate activity in response to an activist’s demands.

There are multiple use cases that can be satisfied by integrating the ION Analytics Intelligence API in your workflows and systems. Common ones include the aggregation of multiple datasets into knowledge portals, the enrichment of CRM systems with tailored news, and the integration of market moving news in single-dealer trading platforms.

Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 2M unique articles
Archive history
Since 2002
Information source
Acuris editorial products
Content type
Intelligence, analysis and research-driven editorial pieces
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Long Lived API Token
Response format
Update frequency
Real time publishing
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What data is included in the API?

The Acuris Intelligence API response includes the article and all the relevant structured meta-data, for example parties and their advisers, geographies and industries, topics and types of intelligence, source and date, size of the opportunity, stake acquired and value.

Is the content of the API different from the product?

The content available through the API is the same content available through the web products.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can download, or the number of queries I can run via the API?

Through the API you have access to the full dataset you are entitled to by your product subscription, and there is no limit to the number of queries you can run.

What are the parameters I can use to query the API?

The API supports a wide range of query parameters, for the complete list visit the Swagger documentation. Examples of query parameters are free-text, type of intelligence, topics, geography and industry.