Content Analytics API details


Selerity Content Analytics API uses proprietary NLP algorithms designed to determine relevance, novelty, similarity, and “trendingness” specific to financial concepts within content published via the API.

When you submit content via Content Analytics API, in a JSON response you will receive the list of financial concepts found in the content, along with relevance scores, and the locations of the concepts found.

Related to this API are the Selerity Context Search and Recommendation API and the Selerity Private Context Engine API.


Global, all industries
Archive size
Archive history
Information source
Any unstructured textual data provided. Like news articles, market commentary, research etc....
Content type
Financial concepts found in the content provided.
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
API Key Header
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What is the universe of financial concepts that Selerity Content Analytics can detect?

Selerity Content Analytics can detect over 35,000+ public companies, 1,100+ private companies, and number of business topics, commodities, countries, currencies, cryptocurrencies, macroeconomics, and sectors/industries.

What is a relevance score on a found concept?

When a financial concept is found within a content, CA determines how relevant the concept is to the overall content.  For example, if a content is a new reporting on Goldman Sachs upgrading Tesla, the CA would show a high relevance on Tesla and a low relevance on Goldman Sachs. 

Can CA API handle a large PDF documents?

Yes. You can publish a large PDF document such as a research document.