Filings API details


The Acuris Filings API relies on Perfect Information’s comprehensive source of global filings.

The API enables searching regulatory filings using the Perfect Information taxonomy. The response includes the latest annual reports, interim results, investor presentations and prospectuses across equity, debt and M&A.

Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 28m filings
Archive history
Since 1980
Information source
Perfect Information Filings Expert product
Content type
Public filings (Annual Reports, Investor Presentations, Propectuses and Offer Documents)
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Token authentication
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What metadata is returned as part of the API response?

Document date, title, ISIN (if available).

Can we view the response on the front-end?

Yes, using the API Query Link feature on Filings Expert.

Can we use the same query language as we do on the front-end?

Yes, using the various Boolean parameters AND OR NOT including the various PI classifications.

How do you classify your documents?

Documents are manually tagged based on various factors (Company Name, Sector, Market of Listing etc). The document is the parent in the relationship and holds the main bulk of metadata.

Can we also view the text within the document?

Not at the moment, but this feature has been added to our roadmap.