Merger Review Deals API details


The Merger Review Deals API is a screening tool, to analyze programmatically, and compare, close to 6000 M&A transactions, and the associated merger review proceedings tracked since 2001 globally. 

A typical use case for this API is comparing announced deals with the historical dataset, to understand which regulatory bodies need to be notified. By examining previous comparable transactions, you will be able to identify red flags from missing submissions and inform your risk assessment. You can also analyze, for example, deal outcomes to identify sectors at higher risk, or type of transactions that are more likely to be scrutinized for longer, or the incidence of remedies across similar M&As and delve in the details of the remedies required. 

By overlaying this data to the information on the review proceedings using the Merger Review Timeline API, you can obtain a unique picture that combines the peculiarities of each M&A with the overall process that is likely to happen. 

This API provides information on the deal timeline, the transaction details, merging parties and the details of merger review events timeline. 

The Acuris Merger Review APIs set provides the data necessary to anticipate successfully the outcome of an announced M&A, and find favorable risk/return factors to inform your investment strategy. 

The Merger Review APIs are part of the ION Analytics APIs ecosystem, and in combination with other feeds constitute the essential tool-kit to improve portfolio risk analysis and inform investment strategies with hard data. 

The API is delivered over HTTPS, conforms to RESTful principles, and returns JSON objects. 

Global, all industries
Archive size
Over 5,700 M&A
Archive history
Since 2001
Information source
Acuris Research
Content type
Announced, expected, live, completed, and lapsed public M&A deals
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Long lived API token
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time