Primary Market Deals and Entities Feed

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How to query

There are two ways that the Dealogic Data Loader can operate:

  1. It can use a secure FTP connection to download and consume feed files according to a predefined schedule, or;
  2. It can connect to a service bus to consume Dealogic (push) Data Messages continuously.

The product can be used to:

  • Consume files coming from the Dealogic Feed. It can pick up files from a network folder or can download feed files from an FTP site.
  • Consume Dealogic Data Messages after connected to the client’s topic.
  • Extract data from the feed files and messages and insert it into a relational database. This provides access to structured data stored in a format that is optimised for querying. Feed consumers can easily extract Dealogic feed data from a data source using industry standard data extraction tools and can filter/transform the data into formats that are required by your application.