Primary Market Deals and Entities Feed

Table of contents

Data glossary

The XML files are divided into 6 groups:

  1. Reference
  2. Company
  3. DCM
  4. ECM
  5. M&A
  6. Loan

Each logical file may be divided into sequenced physical parts.

These two factors are reflected in the names given to the files. Most data sets are published in files named as ‘DATA_SET_nn.xml’, where ‘nn’ represents a consecutive sequence number starting from 1.

Reference group

Reference files contain code lists that are linked to, or referenced via, ID fields in other file groups. Some records in this section are for common use (such as the Country code list), others are specialised for a single feed field (such as DCM Bank role).

Company group

The Company group consists of files that contain information about all of the companies, banks and other institutions that participate in deals. Deal records contain ID values that reference these records together with information that identifies the particular role played by the referenced company in the deal (e.g. DCM issuer, Loan guarantor, ECM bookrunner, M&A Advisor to a Target company etc.).

DCM group

The DCM (Debt Capital Markets) file contains records of international bond issues, both fixed and floating rate, and including MTN issues. The main record is a deal, which contains tranche sub-records. Tranche sub-records contain bank syndicate sub-records.

ECM group

The ECM (Equity Capital Markets) files contain records of global equity capital markets new issuance (IPOs, FOs & convertibles) and current and historical daily equity market trading data.

M&A group

The M&A files contain records of mergers and acquisitions. The main record is a Deal, which contains pre-deal company and deal advisor sub-records.

Loan group

The Loan file contains records of international syndicated loans. The record structure is similar to the DCM file.