UPS on the Cloud

As treasury management systems migrate to the Cloud, treasurers face new choices when they come to decide on how they would like the service delivered.

The good news is that traditional system integration and implementation, which could take many months or even longer for full functionality to be available, is a thing of the past. But on the downside, treasurers need to understand the pros and cons of deployment options like Direct-to-Private Cloud, Single-Tenant SaaS, Multi-Tenant SaaS and On-Premise installation.

Knowing how each of these options — and others — affect control over functionality and upgrades, compliance with internal technology operating regimes, costs and configuration customization, is becoming a treasury core competence.

Eli Brown, Vice President, Global Cash Management, and his team at UPS have just implemented a solution. In this webinar, hear why they made the choices they did and what they would do differently next time.

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