Raízen, the global powerhouse in sugar and biofuels production, selects ION’s TriplePoint for its strategic digital evolution

22 May 2024

London – 22 May 2024: ION Commodities, a global leader in energy and commodity management solutions, is proud to announce that Raízen Energia (Raízen), the world’s largest sugar exporter and cellulosic ethanol producer, has selected ION’s TriplePoint solution to manage its extensive commodities portfolios of sugar, biofuels, fossil fuels, and renewable certificates.

Raízen plays a significant role in the global bioenergy market, serving over 50 million end consumers annually with 35 billion liters of fuel sold, 11.3 million tons of sugar sold, and 3 billion liters of cane ethanol produced. Raízen has made substantial investments in reshaping the future of clean, sustainable energy, aligning with the growing demand for cleaner fuels and enhancing the value extracted from crops and by-products.

In a market heavily impacted by volatile prices, shifting geopolitics, and frequent weather-borne supply chain disruptions, managing an intricate sugar, biofuel, and fossil fuel blending supply chain is beset with complexities. It necessitates a holistic approach that incorporates operational excellence, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and technological advancements to ensure long-term success. Raízen sought a solution capable of managing trading activities, assessing real-time market exposure, evaluating operational plans, and optimizing logistics within a unified system.

Raízen opted for TriplePoint, ION’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution, due to its comprehensive, out-of-the-box, end-to-end capabilities and sophisticated risk engine. Notably, TriplePoint stands out as one of the few solutions in the market that supports agricultural trading, biofuels, fossil fuels, and renewable credits—all within a single system. By implementing TriplePoint, Raízen gains the agility to act swiftly in today’s dynamic market. The solution will seamlessly integrate Raízen’s business operations, enabling timely identification and mitigation of operational risks. Additionally, the company can leverage granular, real-time data insights to make more informed market decisions.

“As global demand for biofuels continues to rise, we sought a strategic partner with a proven industry capacity to support and accelerate our business growth and fulfill our ambitions to progress into the next phase of our digital transformation. By working with ION to implement TriplePoint, we can optimize our trading operations and leverage consolidated insights across our key verticals in sugar and ethanol,” says Fábio Sant’Anna, Director of Trading Operations, Raízen.

The transformative project for Raízen’s international and domestic business is underway in Brazil. The initial phase involves onboarding international sugar and biofuels trading onto TriplePoint, slated for completion by mid 2024. With sustainability at the forefront, this phase also offers Raízen a digital pathway to manage ISCC and Bonsucro certificate workflows. Subsequently, the project will transition to the domestic phase, empowering Raízen to fully leverage ION’s TriplePoint for strategic objectives.

“We take immense pride in our partnership with Raízen, a true pioneer in driving the transition toward clean and sustainable energy. At ION, our unwavering commitment lies in shaping the future of energy alongside companies like Raízen and the industry at large. We partner with our clients to implement innovative best-in-class solutions, empowering their success in the intricate and diverse energy markets,” says Sunil Biswas, Chief Product Officer at ION Commodities.

About Raízen Energia
Reshaping the future of energy, Raízen has a broad portfolio of renewable solutions and a unique business model to lead its markets and drive the global energy transition. Causing positive impacts for all stakeholders, Raízen is committed to generating today the energy of tomorrow through sustainable and profitable growth guided by viable and solid goals aligned with its purpose.

With advanced proprietary technologies, Raízen has expanded its renewables portfolio with products such as second-generation ethanol (E2G), biogas, biomethane, and bioelectricity generated from 100% clean energy sources. Since its inception, Raízen already has avoided 30 million tons of CO2 emissions, and its goal is to expand the decarbonization potential of its products by avoiding over 10 million tons of CO2 emissions per year. Raízen is one of Brazil’s largest companies. The company creates new jobs, generates income, drives economic growth, and causes positive social impacts through various initiatives, notably the Raízen Foundation, a not-for-profit institution dedicated for over 20 years to educating children and young adults in socially vulnerable situations.

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