ION Commodities releases Allegro v22

16 March 2023

ION’s latest innovation enables greater success for the Allegro user community.

ION Commodities has set a new benchmark with the release of Allegro v22, reaffirming ION’s commitment to innovation and alignment to market trends. As the energy industry continues to transition towards renewable energy, corporations face added complexities and challenges in diversifying their portfolios. The latest Allegro v22 release equips commodity-intensive corporations handling these challenges to thrive in the evolving energy landscape.

Allegro v22 is a culmination of ION’s customer-centric approach which prioritizes customer feedback, market trends, and emerging technology. We developed our innovations for power, natural gas, and liquids markets in partnership with users, who provided feedback on user experience and desired functionality.

For power markets, Allegro v22 offers a set of new features. These include new reporting capabilities that enable traders and risk managers to view summarized megawatt averages at user-definable time block groupings, providing more effective ways to hedge portfolios that contain hourly and subhourly shaped demand profiles. This new version also includes native support for additional derivative instruments, including weekly and average rate futures, which have become more broadly traded in European Nordic and Baltic power markets.

For natural gas, the new features offer capabilities that support additional transportation and storage services, including interruptible parking and lending to help manage system balancing. New storage contract management features provide advanced operational validations through balance, injection, and withdrawal constraints, and other capacity ratchets, improving visibility and reducing data errors. Allegro v22 also offers gas schedulers increased automation with expanded nomination and confirmation capabilities via the EDI Connect module.

For the liquid commodities market, Allegro v22 delivers a wide array of physical logistics and inventory enhancements. These enable traders, operators, and finance professionals to model assets more accurately, manage logistics events more effectively, and gain improved overall visibility into operational activities. Key innovations include new views to manage crude marketing activities associated with lease purchases and sales; enhanced tank reporting supporting layers that can be priced independently; and rack-blending enhancements for product drawn down from specific tanks.

Allegro v22 continues ION’s commitment to innovation and evolution aligned to market trends. This latest Allegro release equips the Allegro community with the tools necessary to handle the added complexities from the energy transition and the challenges in diversifying into renewable energy.

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