Context Search and Recommendation API

Table of contents

Table of contents


The Selerity Context Search & Recommendation API is the Application Programming Interface for receiving contextually relevant, personalized content from Selerity. It is delivered via JSON REST/HTTPS interface.

The API supports several interactions with corresponding resources:

Queries are the means by which a user asks for – and receives – recommended content. This can be in the form of an explicit request for information on a certain entity or topic or it can be a query for information that the user is likely to find engaging based on broader context.

Disambiguation Data is reference data for identification and disambiguation of queryable terms including companies, currencies, commodities and subjects. This data can be queried using the Disambiguation Data Service (DDS).

Sources provides a mechanism to look up the sources that are available to query.

Microtopics enables users to observe clusters of related content that are grouped in real-time by Selerity’s clustering algorithms. Microtopics can be looked up by words that occur frequently in the cluster or by concepts (such as entities and subjects) that are relevant to the cluster.

Full documentation

Detailed technical information for the Selerity Context Search & Recommendation API is available and will be provided when you start your trial.